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My Thoughts On Steem Alternative Platforms

Scott CunninghamJan 4, 2019, 5:33:59 PM

Given Bearshares was a scam. I'm dialing back my efforts on the other two Steem alts: Weku and Whaleshares. They have problems of their own too... Weku has had issues with people illegitimately using their bonus and selling Weku since it's not in exchanges and there is only one witness leaving it very vulnerable and somewhat centralized. Whaleshares has had different issues. Their witnesses were the only ones controlling bid bots (which seemed to be a conflict of interest) but was much worse was that they stopped supporting them after awhile. You had to buy their bit assets for their witness and then send them those coins for votes. The problem is they stopped accepting them without notice or stopped selling them. The main issue I had the biggest issue with was with the FSTFST coin or fiatsteem or "The Goon" on Discord. After purchasing a sum of his coin, he stopped supporting his witness account and I was left dumbfounded. I thought for awhile there must have been a mistake, but after seeing others complain and being ignored for a very long time by The Goon who I was previously in contact with. I've concluded that Whaleshares and Weku are not so ideal as once thought. Better I go through this experience and then share it with you rather than you having to though.

If Whaleshares cleans up its witnesses and Weku gets more, we could see major improvements on both platforms. Share and spread the awareness!

This was just a quick update because I'm almost done my massive comprehensive platform review and am mainly focused on that, but wanted to get this out promptly. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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