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Philosophy Exercise: Ponder These Questions

Scott CunninghamOct 14, 2018, 9:15:52 PM

I'd like to ask you a series of questions meant to reveal something about the universe to you. You must come to conclusion yourself, but I'd like to prompt you to answer these in the comments or post what conclusion you came to.

Which is better?

- A short tree branch
- A long tree branch

Which planet is in the best position?

Which is better?

- A long-burning fire
- A short intense bonfire

Which grain of sand is the best grain?

Which side is the better side?

- Left
- Right

Which cloud is the best shape?

Which direction is the best?

- North
- East
- West
- South

I hope this was as eye opening for you as I felt it to be. If you felt this was a meaningless waste of time, maybe you've already reached the conclusion or maybe you fail to understand the point of this entire thing and that's completely okay too.

I'm interesting in seeing what you have to say in the comments below :)


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