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The New Discovery Feed

Scott CunninghamMar 18, 2019, 4:38:35 PM

Hey everyone so the first thing I noticed today was that the newsfeed and layout have made some significant changes!

These changes are the "Discovery" changes which will be worked on until April 1st. They are also currently working on multi-currency support according to the roadmap below which will be awesome.


So let's go through the changes.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the boost section anymore so do make sure if you want to boost that you go to https://www.minds.com/boost/console/newsfeed/history as that is where you can track boosts and see your boost history.

After further searching and more of the developers editing, I found that they moved the boost section to the dropdown menu.

I was concerned though that I couldn't find the option to disable boosts anymore or any of the edit options previously there for newsfeeds which makes me wonder.... do plus users still get to avoid boosts?

They have made some aesthetic changes and feature changes to make everything more self-explanatory. As you can see with posting now they have made a direct blog creation button so people aren't confused between different content types. They have attached labels to all of the features for accessibility and renamed explicit to NSFW which is more fitting. Public is now called paywall which makes more sense given it allows you to set a paywall for premium content.

In the redesigned discovery newsfeed they have drastically changed the layout and preferences for content discovery. Essentially this has reworked the way the ranking system works given you can search based on hashtag, post type, and then the popularity/time range. I'm not entirely sure what constitutes a post as being "Hot" however in other platforms typically it's a post that is trending very recently and is a merge of latest and top. The biggest change we have seen is the ability to look at top posts over a certain timeframe to better compare to the rest of the platform. you can easily add or swap around hashtags in your preferences now showing on the left and then you can set whether or not you'd like to view all content types, images, videos, channels, blogs, or groups.

This just came out today so be sure to give them feedback in Canary and opt into the experiments if you can't see this yet. I'm not totally sure how this affects rankings other than the fact that we will be able to see and understand rankings over a long period of time. I will update this as needed.

Any other changes or issues to report? Feel free to even share things you're just really happy about regarding this update. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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