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Metamask Setting It Up And How To Use It

Scott CunninghamFeb 28, 2019, 4:15:52 AM

In this video I cover what you need to know about setting up and using Metamask. Metamask is an Ethereum based wallet meaning we can use it to store all our ERC20 tokens and ETH. The reasons why you might want to get Metamask are to connect to your Minds account, for security to store your tokens off the platform, to buy on-chain tokens on exchanges for very cheap, and to sell on-chain minds tokens as well.

You need this to add Minds tokens to your Metamask - MINDS ETHERSCAN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xB26631c6dda06aD89B93C71400D25692de89c068

Blog Form

For all my readers out there I would go and screenshot a bunch and do the blog form but @minds has already covered that perfectly and I couldn't have explained it better in blog form myself. They do not have a video though, so that's where I come in. Cheers.

How To Setup Your Wallet With Metamask by @Minds

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