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Talking About Minds With Bill Ottman

Scott CunninghamMar 8, 2019, 6:07:35 AM

Here you have it ladies and gentlemen!

Bill Ottman, the CEO and co-founder of Minds.com and I discuss Minds and I ask him a series of challenging and interesting questions. There are so many gems in this it is amazing! You will get a great idea where Minds is headed and I include the questions and the link to the road-map below.

• How busy are you now/ How does your day look?/ is it all about Minds these days?

• What are the next big updates coming to Minds

• Is there anyone big coming to Minds?

• Who is your next big interview with and or who do you want it to be with?

• How has Minds evolved from the beginning?

• Would you care to speak a little to the new Canary updates

• What are your thoughts on the comment censorship happening on YouTube?

• Given the Minds token rewards cap at 900,000,000, what will happen when they’ve all been distributed?

• How are the top users and posts ranked?

• What is the ranking system?

• What are the specifications for whether or not something is explicit?

• Is there a max amount of posts you can have trending per user?

• Is there a max amount of time you can trend for?

• Is there a 4 day review period for blogs before they can trend

This is the roadmap for everything else they are working on: https://gitlab.com/groups/minds/-/roadmap

I answer many questions about Minds here: https://www.minds.com/scottcbusiness/blog/the-epic-minds-guide-947760446193217536

This covers the ranking system we talk about: https://www.minds.com/scottcbusiness/blog/ranking-system-949725377376280576

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