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Have You Heard Of iBitcome Yet?

Scott CunninghamOct 19, 2018, 8:00:49 PM

Hey everyone, today I want to share iBitcome, it's one of the many companies I've been introduced to at conferences in the past few weeks.

I've had the pleasure of checking our their wallet that works really well with their decentralized exchange. I'm a huge supporter of using decentralized exchanges as you probably know that I support @easydex and other exchanges. The cool part about this project is that this wallet application has the exchange built into it so you're able to do everything in one place. I think more people should be using decentralized exchanges and taking blockchain empowerment to the next level!

They have the same quality security as most applications so you'll be good to go using this decentralized exchange and not be worried about losing access.

The great part about having the direct access is that you can easily do trades and they have a very low gas consumption being a decentralized exchange.

Also built into the app is some decent crypto updates if you want to see everything in one place which is also nice. The biggest reason for me again though is that it works well with Dex.top the decentralized exchange.

They actually ended up doing a massive rework of their website and application and it is an stunning improvement. They have really redefined themselves with this new look and UI!

Their wallet is secure, properly private and decentralized and offers the ability to import your own wallet onto the platform to be used and interact with their built in exchange seamlessly.

iBitcome has partnered with DEx.top for an awesome merged experience of having a wallet and exchange all easily accessible in one application. Transactions are settled on the blockchain and you have instant transactions via a Replayed-On-Chain mechanism called a ROC.

They have also enabled DApps to be built on their platform and access other DApps so you can interact easily with an open decentralized ecosystem. It has a great dev tool box and DApp SDK for you to play with. They also have a great ID system to give you full control over you identity and prevent identity theft!

Using their payment gateway you can pay with cryptocurrency anywhere at any time. This allows for easy decentralized application payments, flexible billing for games and services, aggregated payment SDK, and a stable coin issuer.

They are a team player with many partnerships formed already and they are working on many more to come!

Now let’s take some time to really dive into iBitcome! We are going to do a quick app overview here using portrait screenshots from my phone so bear with me or just watch the video.

First go download iBitcome from the app store or off their website directly.

This is the home screen when you start up. First you’ll have to import or create a wallet.

You’ll then want to create a wallet which is straightforward just fill in the basic information.

You can also import a wallet instead by using your keystore, mnemonic, private-key, or watch.

After that you’ll be good to go with your wallet and you can start using the application how you please.

I like that the user interface is so clean and simple and easy to use. This is the assets section with all your crypto assets.

This is the market section which has everything you can trade on DEx.top which again is a super ideal feature for being able to have everything in one place without worrying about the safety of your funds being held directly within an exchange.

Given it's so new there isn't a lot of DApps yet, but the discover section is really cool and I'm sure moving forward they will have loads for you to check out and do all within the same application.

That's it for the screenshot walkthrough, for the same thing in a video format check the video at the top!

Here’s their social information and website too for you to check out!

Website: https://www.ibitcome.com/official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iBitcome

Telegram: https://t.me/iBitcome_Official_group

Medium: https://medium.com/@iBitcome

If you want to download the application directly use this link: https://datasink.ibitcome.com/r/d


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