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Everything You Need To Know About Blogging On Minds

Scott CunninghamAug 25, 2018, 2:11:38 AM

This blog and video will very briefly, but helpfully explain the current method to post media on your blog as some people used to traditional blog platforms have had some trouble and asked that I do a tutorial for this. I have also received other questions around editing published blogs or drafts as well as a few others on blogging on Minds. I will try to cover everything in this video and answer all these questions.

In the blog version of this I will share screenshots and go through all that is covered in the video for my readers out there.

Start Blogging

To start off you can go to blogs and hit write new blog to begin writing. Beside that you will also see my blogs to find all your draft and previously published blogs as well.

Banner Image

Ensure your banner image is optimized for the dimensions of 2000 x 1125 pixels with a ratio of 16:9. 

Keep in mind it won't look like it fits perfectly within the blog, but it will show everything in the blog section. The example above shows what I mean and below you will see how it appears normally on the blog section feed which is where we are focused on for capturing traffic. 

Below is how it appears in the feed which is very similar to the photo above just to further illustrate that it won't look the same on the feed as it does on the actual blog itself. You are more concerned about attracting people to the blog because when they are reading it they won't worry about the banner.

Adding Media To Minds

Go to an open line on your blog and you'll see a plus "+" appear on the left hand side of the margin of your blog.

Click on that and then you will see 2 more button pop up within your blog beside it with a camera and a play button. These resemble image uploads and video uploads. Both can be done via a link from some other host to save space on Minds, but images can be uploaded directly if you'd prefer. You can use any video and or image hosting platform. I would use Imgur if I wanted to link images, but I always just upload directly and use links for Youtube. 


This is the last step where you fill out the meta data for your post including the URL slug which is how the URL appears when you visit the blog so you want it to look appealing and be easy to remember and type in for SEO and convenience. Then just re-add the title, your name, and a short description to briefly describe what it is. It doesn't have a character limit, but a lot of times the description doesn't save when I post a long one in.

Publishing Options

So at the bottom of your post you'll see you can save it to draft or publish it when ready. I save draft while writing occasionally in case something happens like I accidentally refresh the page or whatever. You will also have to set your post as unlisted to ensure it is truly private and not accessible to the public, then when you go to post it later you have to set that back to public. 

Then you'll want to decide the copyright terms you're setting for your post. I always encourage people to take my posts and spread them in any way if it will help others learn so I do public domain, but that's just me. Click the link below for the different types of copyright licenses

Copyright Licenses

Then you can set your hashtags and you are limited to 5 so use them sparingly. The best method is to use a few broader hashtags and then one or two more niche hashtags. Ideally you will be very relevant in the niche hashtags and gain some popularity which will then help you trend in the broader categories. Next set the visibility of your post which only really matters when you've been using a draft and need to make it public or if you want to keep the blog unlisted and only accessible via a link. There is also a loggedin option which I just tested and found that people can't read your blog unless they have logged in which I guess was self explanatory by the name. I'm not sure why you want to limit your readers and external traffic unless you were fervent on having people sign up, but it's not a good idea for potential reach. After that you can mark it explicit if it falls under that category which you want to do because if you have NSFW content and someone is in fact at work, they will just block you to avoid your content if you haven't marked it explicit so they don't fall into the trap of having explicit content on their phone screens or computer monitors. On the public button, you can switch that so as to make your post more exclusive for viewing by certain donator tiers or just leave it as public for everyone to see which is what I always do.


To access the toolbar on blogs you just have to highlight the text you'd like to apply a change to and you will see all the options you have available which include changing your text style, alignment, hyperlinks, headers, and blockquotes.

Let me know if this helped you and share it if you think it will help others :) If you don't like the way I explained it, a lot of this can be found in the FAQ

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