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How Much Longer Will Free Speech Last?

Scott CunninghamJan 28, 2019, 9:01:47 PM

In our real lives free speech is said to be a right, but when we get online and interact with the world do we have free communication? I would say no. The thing is the more hate speech and anti free speech legislation we enable, the more that this can be used against the same people advocating for it. This sets up precedents for worse restrictions on our freedoms. What people seem to forget is that free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. If you say awful things, you probably won't get hired or treated with respect. So it's not like people need to be thrown in jail based on the words they use because as I explain in the video it's not about what was said, but rather who was offended and by how much. I absolutely don't think you should say offensive things, but if you believe in free speech you must advocate for the free speech of everyone including people you disagree with because otherwise the rhetoric you use to censor and silence someone else will eventually be used against you.

It pains me to see this unfold given I used to be very left leaning politically. In the past few years I've had to disassociate from the political ideals that prioritize morality and emotion over logic and being able to freely express yourself and be heard. Freedom of expression is being manipulated more and more every year in Canada and I'd like to see a 180 recovery. Let me know what you think about freedom of expression, free speech, how they both are dealt with when you're online, and any thoughts you have this.


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