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Have You Heard Of Bitcoin Mixer?

Scott CunninghamMay 9, 2019, 5:57:13 PM

I stumbled upon https://bitcoinmix.org/ and I thought it was really interesting and worth a share. I’ve never seen a service like this before, but there are a few out there and there is a need for anonymity for a variety of reasons. This could be anything from wanting to remain anonymous in a transaction online, for personal P2P payments or donations. This isn’t just for malicious activity; it can be used as a means of security for large transactions that could be spotted by hackers performing blockchain analysis attempting to get your personal information.

There are many ways to remain anonymous using private coins like ZCash or Monero, but for those who want to keep their crypto in BTC and remain fully anonymous, this is the best option. We’ve seen with companies like Chainalysis and Ciphter have been able to trace wallets and track them down to criminals and prominent figures. It goes to show that unless you aren’t putting in the time and money to fully secure and anonymize your transactions it can be traced and connected to your real life identity.

Whatever your reason for needing your transactions to be anonymized isn’t anyone’s concern but yours. To resolve any issues with ensuring your anonymity, Bitcoin Mixer has built this simple web service that helps you to “shuffle” your BTC using their algorithms to secure your identity.

They charge between 2-5% as a commission fee which I thought was a bit steep, but then when comparing to other similar services it appeared to be the industry standard. The price of anonymity isn’t the cheapest, but if you need it, it’s worth it. You do get to choose your transaction fee based on the speed and priority of your transaction similar to a gas fee on ETH. It is also needed for the transaction fees for shuffling it.

Some notable things about Bitcoin Mixer that makes it more appealing are:

- They don’t store logs

- They don’t collect emails or personal data

- It’s fully automated and no human intervention or assistance is needed to remove any human error or privacy concerns

- They have staff that will help you right away if there is an issue with their automation

- It’s simple and straightforward

To use the mixer, you just need to give them the address you want the BTC ending up at after it’s been shuffled, set your custom time delay between 30 minutes and 1200 minutes, then set your transaction fee, after you’ll hit next.

Here you can set the amount and then confirm everything is good before going ahead and blending your BTC.

That’s all you must do! It’s a pretty quick and easy process to go through. You can also check out their blog https://bitcoinmix.org/blog which has tons of information on mixing, using cryptocurrency anonymously and the differences between mixing versus anonymous cryptocurrencies in general.

If you want untraceable transactions, to be able to secure your bitcoins, protect against future government involvement, avoid hack attempts, and remain completely anonymous with your online activity, then this is your solution.

Let me know in the comments below if you knew about this or have used something like this before. Also how do you ensure anonymity and fully secure your transactions online with cryptocurrency?

You can follow them at on Twitter @BitcoinShuffle

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