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Do You Trust The News From Mainstream Outlets?

Scott CunninghamJun 6, 2019, 5:19:14 AM

Have you ever been on a major news publisher website reading an article and wondered “what have they edited or changed since they originally published this?” Well now you can check out NewsDiffs. It’s a simple archive that tracks news articles edits over time from nytimes.com, cnn.com, politico.com, washingtonpost.com, and bbc.co.uk.

http://newsdiffs.org/ is the first solid website I’ve seen doing something like this which is so needed. We need more of this and for all publishers. So please if you know any other websites like this please do share them in the comments below.


It’s a very basic, but gets the job done. You can take any article found on those 5 news sites and find it in the top search bar and it will give you a detailed list of changes and when it was archived.

Another interesting site that I’ve used is FactMata. https://try.factmata.com lets you take any article and review it using algorithms to determine if the content is harmful, questionable, or good. It uses a text analysis to determine if it contains clickbait, political bias, obscenity, racism, toxicity, sexism, insults, and or threats. Though it’s not perfect, it does a great job and very interesting.


So here I took my own article to see what it would churn out. Funnily enough, it is just barely considered past questionable for my perceived political bias. Technically this can make mistakes with things like this where I was covering a lot of examples of bias politically and it may have taken that as a view, I was espousing rather than an example I was giving.


Nevertheless, it does work very well and I’m curious what your experience has been with this or anything like this. Share your experience or thoughts in the comments.

Another awesome news rank project is called NewsGuard. http://www.newsguardtech.com/ is an archive or rankings for different sites displayed with a browser plugin to keep you aware of the legitimacy of the information you’re viewing. It’s rankings are as follows:


I’ve also heard that https://nuzzel.com/rank is a great ranking system for news outlets as well, but just from looking at it, it seems somewhat biased to me, but maybe I’m just so biased that I see a bias where there is none. Let me know what you think!

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