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Do We Know What We Stand To Lose Without Free Speech?

Scott CunninghamMay 30, 2019, 6:37:31 PM

Are people even aware of how much we stand to lose by letting free speech fade away into the abyss? Do we know the liberties we are losing and the freedoms our descendants will not have? This isn’t about getting political, it’s about the future and the present not being handed over entirely to the ruling class.

It’s a challenge to talk about free speech because with where we are at, it sounds conspiratorial to talk about the state of free speech and where it’s headed because it’s absolutely insane that we have let it get this far. Sadly though, because we have let it get this far, even discussing the reality of the situation and the truth sounds far fetched. In one of the most prosperous times in humanity with poverty at its lowest, how is it that we are on the verge of losing free speech and how is it that so many are willing to let this happen?

I think the answer is simple. Most people are too optimistic that someone else will do it. Most people aren’t political. Most people don’t get actively involved in the state of their livelihood and hope that someone else who is more qualified will just take care of it. The middle class is losing all of its power going out with a whimper while a select few stands against the propaganda, the lies, the far leftist socialist and pro-censorship rhetoric. What is free speech to you? Do you feel that you have it now? Do you think you’ll still have that same version of free speech in 5 years? In 10 years?

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