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DLive Migrates Blockchains For The Third Time

Scott CunninghamJan 5, 2020, 6:29:52 AM

Justin Sun the owner and creator of the Tron blockchain announced a couple of days ago that BitTorrent is merging with DLive and have recently acquired it. But should they have? This is Dlive’s third migration and it’s had so many issues in the past. Is it really about DLive though or is it about PewDiePie?

Justin’s tweet: https://twitter.com/justinsuntron/status/1211683179326824450

DLive’s tweet: https://twitter.com/OfficialDLive/status/1211682578345803776

Justin’s address on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7ywtzIi8SQ8

This was the only other article I found on this: https://cryptobriefing.com/tron-acquires-dlive-blockchain-streaming-platform/ which says it’s unclear how Lino points will be affected and that further details are to be released in 2 weeks on January 15th. DLive will merge with BLive effectively taking over the monopoly on live streaming on the blockchain, but hopefully it will be legitimate. This is the current site for BLive: https://www.bittorrent.com/live/

This is a big deal as I’ve spent a lot of time and effort explaining the many many faults of DLive which to briefly lay out are:

- Extremely centralized (they controlled their token price, it wasn’t on exchanges, you could buy without restriction, but needed full KYC to withdraw and be 16 or older as well as a minimum withdrawal of over 4,250)

- Censorship prone (they banned many people including Alex Jones)

- Didn’t register anything to the blockchain but claimed to be a blockchain platform

- Previously had stake requirements for verification that users probably never earned back and then couldn’t withdraw due to minimum requirements

- Left the Steem blockchain and now are leaving the Lino “blockchain” abandoning both communities each time

- You must stream at least 3 days and 8 hours on DLive to be eligible to get paid/withdraw your own purchased funds.

Having three blockchain network migrations is more than too many. It’s really all about buying up PewDiePie’s influence on blockchain streaming.

The main question in my mind is “Will Tron decentralize DLive or continue the practices they have been employing and are they even aware of how bad it’s been or is this just about PewDiePie?”

Their mission is supposed to be decentralizing the internet according to their video here: https://youtu.be/gU6Jfz2jOHA but is that for show or for real?

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. Is DLive for real? Will TRON save DLive?

Also, a quick shoutout to YouTube creators who are struggling with the new changes around commercial viability – check out LBRY, Steem, DTube, Bitchute, Gab, Flote, Cent, Cos.TV, UGetTube, OpenTube, TokenTuber, Minds, Uptrennd, Sapien, and Trybe.

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