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Discussing Korporatio With Stefano Covolan

Scott CunninghamMay 29, 2019, 1:44:56 AM

In this video, Stefano Covolan takes us through what it’s like to work at Korporatio and the journey of how it came to fruition. 

Korporatio says they “aim to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.”

Some of the questions I ask him through this interview were:

• Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

• How busy are you now / How does your day look?

• Can you give us a brief introduction to Korporatio?

• What gave you the idea and when did you start it and or begin to discuss the idea?

• What are the next big updates for your platform to release soon or that are in the works?

• Where does your platform fit in with other similar existing platforms or do you feel that you are the only ones offering what Korporatio offers?

• How is Korporatio impacting and developing the enterprise side of blockchain and cryptocurrency?

• Where do you see your platform going in the next year? The next 5 years?

• What is the current userbase size and how well is the platform growing?

• Can you share with everyone where they can go to learn more about this?

Korporatio aims to be the cornerstone of creation and innovation in global business, bringing corporations into tomorrow.

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