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Boosting Your Posts And Profile On Minds

Scott CunninghamFeb 27, 2019, 5:14:27 AM

Not everyone knows how to promote their posts on Minds, but today you will learn! In this video I go over everything you need to know whether you're on PC or a mobile device. In the attached blog I also have the same information for my preferred readers out there.

Near the end while covering the mobile version, I say you can't see incoming offers but you can actually see them, but not outgoing offers. You also can't create a boost from the boost section on a mobile device and you can't do sidebar boosts either. I suggest that if you want to get serious with boosting, you need to use a computer. To be fair almost every platform has limited advertising on mobile.

Boosting Blog

This will be a rehash of my original boosting blog that I link below because it hasn't changed. My video details the mobile version though.

Click boost at the top right. Alternatively you can boost directly from your post and it's not too hard when you get into it though by doing it this way you don't have access to all the options, but this is still fairly simple so just go with this way. For sake of explaining everything I'll quickly explain what you can do with what I call the direct boost (boosting from a post).

Boost Feeds

So for the direct version I've only ever seen feeds so assuming that's all you can do directly, I will proceed. You earn tokens based on your score and contribution daily. If you don't know about this you can find a lot of it in the FAQ and or whitepaper. You can use your credit card, acquired, or earned tokens for 1,000 views per token to boost your content on newsfeeds.

Boost Offers

Very similar to the previous except in this situation you can offer tokens of any amount to users as offer for a remind of your post. You can see these in your inbox of offers when you click boost at the top right again why you should have originally. Honestly though, no one bothers with this because it leaves a permanent post on your feed and this could cause issues

Now just before moving on to the actual boost section. I also want to point out that your images, videos, and blog posts have the ability to run sidebar ads instead of newsfeed ads like regular posts. This means text, links, and anything aside from images, videos, and blogs cannot have sidebar boosts. You can see what is possible to be boosted in the sidebar in the boost section which we will show soon.

So this will allow you to make ads for your blogs on the sidebar and then for your post that pops up on your newsfeed you can boost that separately and run them simultaneously for the ultimate reach. You can also boost your profile via the sidebar under your profile description. 

Anyways go to the top right and click boost like I pointed out in the beginning

You'll then see this on the side

You'll see the 3 different possibilities for posts that you can do as well as revoke a pending post, see your ad history and how current ads are doing in terms of views. You can also see your outgoing offers that have been accepted and see incoming ones in your inbox to accept or decline.

Newsfeed and sidebar runs the same as the direct boost. However you will just see all your post to boost in a list.

You'll see all your posts to choose from too boost

Same goes with sidebar boosts. I find this is easier because you can see which of your posts qualify

Now I can't tell you which works better but I can say it is much more convenient that you can see how many views you have received on newsfeed posts whereas with sidebars you can only see when they are approved and then when they are complete. I like being able to track newsfeed boosts. Also you can only boost your profile on the sidebar so keep that in mind it's always good to run your profile on the sidebar.

Before people complain they can't afford it. On ForkDelta which I am posting very soon you can buy on-chain tokens from between $0.02 - $0.04 and then boost posts for less fairly cheap at 5000 views and I describe all this in the video for ForkDelta. This is the URL that you need to use to access the unlisted MINDS token on that site if you know what you're doing: https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xb26631c6dda06ad89b93c71400d25692de89c068-ETH
I've also listed it on my bio.

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