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Boosting On Minds 💡

Scott CunninghamJun 22, 2018, 9:46:51 AM

The main topic of focus here will be on offers as they are not very easy to use, but have the greatest effect and have the biggest opportunity attached to them. First I will go over the other forms of boosting.

Click boost at the top right. Alternatively you can boost directly from your post and it's self explanatory however you don't have access to all the options, so just go with this way. However for sake of explaining everything I'll quickly explain what you can do on the direct boost.

Boost Feeds

So for the direct version I've only ever seen feeds so assuming that's all you can do directly, I will proceed. You earn tokens based on your score and contribution daily. If you don't know about this you can find a lot of it in the FAQ and or whitepaper. It's pretty self explanatory, you can use your credit card, or earned tokens and use 1,000 per token to boost your content on newsfeeds.

Boost Offers

Very similar to the previous except in this situation you can offer tokens of any amount to users as offer for a remind of your post. You can see these in your inbox of offers when you click boost at the top right again why you should have originally.

Now before moving on to the boost section. I also want to point out that your blog posts as a blog post are primarily set to be sidebar ads instead of newsfeed ads like regular posts are.

So this will allow you to make ads for your blogs on the sidebar and then for your post that pops up on your newsfeed you can boost that separately on the newsfeed for ultimate reach. I was only recently realized there was a difference there and assumed you could only boost your profile via the sidebar under your profile description. Anyways go to the top right and click boost like I pointed out in the beginning

You'll see this

You'll see the 3 different possibilities for posts that you can do as well as revoke a pending post, see your ad history and how current ads are doing in terms of views. You can also see your outgoing offers that have been accepted and see incoming ones in your inbox to accept or decline.

Newsfeed runs the same as the direct boost. However you will just see all your post to boost in a list.


See here is a little different which I realized while doing this article. The posts here are a little confusing especially if adding pictures to blogs as it suggests your recent media. You're better off going to your pictures or videos and clicking on them not just within the newsfeed but going to them directly and then you also have access to sidebar promotion which I also just figured out. So despite any discrepancy above, sidebars and newsfeed boost differ based on where you are within your post while hitting boost.


Look everything else was pretty self explanatory, but this is where it becomes the most interesting and requires the most collaboration.

You can send out offers and check your received offers sent from others. Offers are you or someone else offering an amount of tokens in exchange for a permanent remind on your page. I'd like to see a deny with comment to explain why, or maybe suggest back a price that you would do like a re-bid or something.

So the issue with this awesome form of advertising is.... I don't know who is willing to do it and for how much they are willing to do it for. So my first attempt is to create this for awareness and I have a group for people to join and share what they will pay and types of content they accept and then people can discuss and link up there.


So if you are interested in advertising or being an influencer and making those connections, please join this group and let's take advantage of this amazing opportunity that few are taking advantage of!

Minds Boosting 


Let me know what you think about offers and how we can better use them and your thoughts on the current advertising system. I'm pretty happy with it, I just feel the way we interact with each other about offers can improved. Thoughts?