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Can Blocking Someone On Social Media Suppress Free Speech?

Scott CunninghamFeb 5, 2019, 8:36:10 AM

I made a blog about this a very long time ago, but I never followed up with a video or anything. The blog was viral on Minds and given my topic today was on dealing with negative commentators I also wanted to put an emphasis on whether or not it's some form of censorship to block people. I absolutely think you should delete comments or block people who are aggressive and hostile, harassing you, threatening you, abusing you, etc. The issue is when someone is slightly offensive in their response or rude, I don't believe it warrants a deleted comment or blocking the user. We can't only allow people to comment if they are the nicest person in existence having the best day ever. A lot of times people will make a slightly offensive remark and I will approach them with empathy and compassion they will completely change their approach and apologize. I've had this happen more than not and the conversation can even be productive and useful afterwards. I think the biggest concern is when you block and delete someone who disagrees with you. Sometimes it's hard to draw that line, so in this video I encourage you to assume good intentions and give that person a chance before you approach them with hostility or delete their comment and block them.

This is a link to the original blog I did on this in July recently after joining Minds: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/853473370921140224

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