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How To Get Better Results On Minds

Scott CunninghamFeb 8, 2019, 7:32:53 AM

Hey everyone,

I just finished writing a long guide on how to get better results on SOLA which you can check out if you use SOLA which I recommend: https://sola.ai/scottcbusiness/getting-better-results-on-sola-ZGRhYzB

So I then felt it would be a good idea to also do one for Minds and Steem which I will do after this. Then tomorrow I will do a video where I go through all three if you'd rather wait for a video and skip the reading to save yourself sometime. Come back in about 24 hours and you'll see the next post.

Let's jump into it though shall we? I will be structuring it similarly to the way I did it on SOLA and use the similar headers and the same general template. You will also find overlap on the more general advice like media quality.

 *Note that I will be doing this from a computer so it may differ every so slightly on mobile, but should be more or less the same. This goes through various tips and advice I have for people to get better results on Minds that I have used to achieve success. This is fairly comprehensive, but doesn't dive far into groups.

Unfortunately we don't have poll options on Minds so feel free to comment your answer to this poll and the poll at the end by commenting "1. answer 2. answer." We all appreciate your feedback to get a better feel for the community's position and feelings on these things. 

POLL #1:What's the most important to you when deciding to engage someone's post?

- Entertainment
- Brings Value To You
- Expertise
- Media quality
- Other (explain in comment)

Profile Quality

Starting off, we want to make sure you have a quality profile because if you want to get 100% of the rewards, then you've got to put in the 100% effort in the beginning. So first and foremost you want to make sure your name is easy to read and clear and choose a username that is easy to search and remember.

Then you'll want to ensure that your profile picture is a quality shot of you or your brand or whatever you're trying to highlight front and center. It helps to have a head-shot so people can still see you when you make posts and comments. You also want a great banner photo that outlines you in the best way possible. If you feel that one banner isn't enough or you can find a way to make a slideshow style design flow work for you then you can add multiple banners and it will circulate through them. 

Your about section is where you can share who you are what you are all about and that will show that you took the effort to do so as well as you want to present yourself well. In my about section I also give my contact details, social information and some of the topics I cover. Feel free to write it in the way that best highlights yourself. Remember there are no link sections or anything like that so you can include your links and social information at the bottom. To ensure my summary was as best as I could get it I consulted someone on Fiverr which is an amazing resource for quick cheap simple jobs and had them rework my summary for me for $15. So even if you aren't totally sure, you can put all your information into a document and have someone help you summarize it. This will help for all your social channels and even your resume or Linkedin.

Make sure to add hashtags and your location after your about section. You can put up to 5 hashtags for your channel to appear under those hashtag searches. Choose the top 5 most relevant hashtags you find yourself using and stick to those. You can always change them if you want later anyway of course.

You are also going to want to add your website and other social media links in the next section where you're given the chance to do so. Below that you can also fill out rewards for donators.

Also, given you are allowed to have 3 pinned posts, I recommend the top post be one that gives an introduction and or includes your other social profiles or call to action links to keep them front and center.

Lastly, you should respond to comments as much as you can. Maybe this fits in another section, but I consider a profile to be of less quality when the author neglects their audience. If they don't respond, the quality of their comment section lacks insight and discussion and it reflects on their profile. I understand that extremely popular creators may not have the time, but they are likely not the ones reading how to do better on Minds so I will assume that you're not extremely popular and want some actionable advice. Respond to comments!

Media Quality

Since I do my own graphic design I've gradually gotten better and near the beginning of the year I redid all of my graphic design templates and styles and revamped everything with new photos with a higher resolution too. It makes a difference and when you can create nice quality high resolution graphics people will notice and appreciate it too. It's not required, but it shows the extra effort. Same goes with video editing and time spent with descriptions or writing which we will cover next. If you want better results, make better quality content and that definitely includes visuals. Like I said before again for this if you don't have the capabilities or don't want to invest in learning you can use Fiverr and get very inexpensive graphic design done. Obviously it's less affordable to do this for every post so it's best to think long term. You can also negotiate with them for bulk deals etc. Let me know if this is something you need.

Post Structure

It is important for your posts to be structured well. This is much more crucial when it comes to blogs utilizing bold, italics, headers, alignments, and block quotes. 

For sharing a video, I have typically just shared the description I had used and then drop the video link into the blog by hitting the plus symbol and then the play button and dropping in a video URL. In doing so, Minds takes the link and embeds it into the post as a video. I've only been able to do this with YouTube so far, but when other sites work I will definitely try it out. 

If you just want to share a video as a post you can just paste the URL into a post and write a description and then Minds will automatically add a post preview and grab the embed from YouTube. You can also natively share video on Minds, but there is a time duration limit to be aware of.

Keep in mind, most of my posts are in fact videos and I have some blogs. The reason is simple. It takes less effort to record the vlog than it does to write it all out plus it's faster for other people to digest it. The time crunch is with editing and that's why I tend to do uncut video for 5-20 minutes and keep it to the point and then have discussion in the comments. When we are talking about blogs though, whether you prefer writing or want to change it up a bit as I suggest you should, you must be more conscious of post structure to be successful.

Now look I expect this post to perform well because I put a lot of effort and it will provide a lot of value. When you wonder how you can do the same, there is no shortcut to success, it take effort, dedication, and more importantly, consistency.

For post structure as I said before it's about your use of the features available to you which are catchy or informative titles, headers for emphasis and to help people navigate, bold and italics to help emphasize key information, linking where possible, and including media. Also make sure to utilize alignment and block quotes to make us of the full range of features available to you.

You activate the toolbar when you highlight a section of text.

Post Publishing

Now on to publishing your post and boosting it after. There is a bit of a difference the data needed for a blog and that needed for a newsfeed post. When you are done writing a regular newsfeed post, the only thing you need to do before sharing it is add up to 5 hashtags to help with search-ability. 

With a blog post, you'll need a cover photo, title, text body, then at the end we have some meta data and index data to fill out. 

I've always included a signature at the end of my blogs for contact information etc., but I've never actually known if that improved the blogs, but rather it gave me more chance to get more social clout and followers elsewhere and it doesn't hurt to throw it in at the end.

So at the bottom of your post you'll see you can save it to draft or publish it when ready. I save draft while writing occasionally in case something happens like I accidentally refresh the page or whatever. Then you'll want to decide the copyright terms you're setting for your post. I always encourage people to take my posts and spread them in any way if it will help others learn so I do public domain, but that's just me. Then you can set your hashtags. Next set the visibility of your post which only really matters when you've been using a draft and need to make it public. After that mark it explicit if it falls under that category and then you can set it to be a more exclusive post for certain donator tiers you have or just leave it as public which is what I always do.

Below that is your meta

This is the last step where you fill out the meta data for your post including the URL slug which is how the URL appears when you visit the blog so you want it to look appealing and be easy to remember and type in for SEO and convenience. Then just re-add the title, your name, and a short description to briefly describe what it is. It doesn't have a character limit, but a lot of times the description doesn't save when I post a long one in.

Now hit publish!

Post Boosting

Now that you've posted your post you can boost it. If you made a post on the newsfeed using a link then you only need to worry about newsfeed boost, but for example if you post an image, video, or blog, you have 2 options for boosting. You have sidebar and newsfeed boosts. 

So for sidebar boosts you have to click on the image or video and be in the singled out URL or at the bottom of the blog you made and click the boost button

When you click boost and it will say "Sidebars" under boost type as shown below.

When you boost via the newsfeed it will look like this:

So I suggest utilizing both methods for the greatest success, but essentially it's just wherever you want your content to appear. Sidebar show your content on the sidebars of the application and newsfeed boosts show your content in the feed. Keep in mind you can't do a sidebar boost for say a post with a preview link because you can't single out that post by clicking on it, you would be taken to the URL linked or play the embed for YouTube for example.

I always boost the max 5000 views for 5 tokens because I am always pushing all my content 100%. I don't utilize boost offers because it's not very streamlined and it's a dead feature they should remove or improve.

Boosting will help get you some traction and then maybe help get your post trending in whatever section it's posted into (images, videos, blogs).

Recently one of my blogs from January got to the top trending blogs which is odd since I have much better performing posts so I clearly don't understand what makes a post trend, but I know that boosting is definitely going to help get you trending and then by virtue of trending you will trend more if the content is valuable.

And that's about it! Unfortunately, we don't have polls on Minds (yet), but I'd like to try polling in my posts more. This isn't necessarily a suggestion, but a way to show you that you can also innovate and try new things to help your posts to do better, but people will always flock to things of value, entertainment, and expertise.

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