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Are Men Really The Most Privileged In Society Today?

Scott CunninghamJan 21, 2019, 2:35:15 AM

There's been a lot of people saying that men are so privileged, and we have a responsibility to do better and be held more accountable, but the fact of the matter is men need your help, not your advice. 

Also I want to state before I get into this given this is one of my most controversial pieces that I love everyone and I believe everyone should be better and should strive for improvement. I also have nothing against women, I just want the facts to be shared about how men and women are holding up in society by comparing the statistics.

There are little to no programs aimed at helping men, there are countless ones for women. There are little to no university and college initiatives meant to help men even though they have higher dropout rates and lower graduation rates. If we want men to be better, then shouldn't we setup social programs exactly to do that? There is so much money going to programs to help females do better because they were the minority. Today, they are not, and these groups remain while the situation for men gets worse and worse and the only advice given is: "be better." I am not a victim, but many people are and the narrative that says men are doing the best just isn't true today. This is about as controversial as I can get while still trying to talk about something that is very important and very ignored.

This isn't an emotional argument, this is completely from the statistics. Again, I don't want anyone's pity or help, but there are many who do need it and the results speak for themselves. By no means am I sharing this because I think these ratios should be balanced. These are all terrible things, but the fact of the matter is that the narrative that men are doing so well and women are oppressed just isn't true. Someone earlier this week even argued to me that men had 60% more suicides simply because they used guns to kill themselves where women used pills and failed which was completely anecdotal and couldn't even account for a variation of more than a few percent. I would love to debate this given the debate is based on facts, logic, and doesn't come from an emotional or theoritical standpoint.

Some of this information is outdated, but still shows that men were struggling even over 20 years ago.

Everyone can do better, but by pushing the narrative that men have all the advantages is damaging to young males who are taught to feel guilty and ashamed if they act in a masculine way. The current idea of the patriarchy teaches young men that if you want to be ambitious and do well for yourself, the only way you can do that is by being be a horrible, greedy person, and you are privileged and misogynistic for setting high goals for yourself. The competence of men is depleting as they are dehumanized for simply being male and acting in accordance with their biology and hormones.

I am afraid to even share this, but at this point I'm more concerned about our future than about the short-term repercussions I'll receive for sharing the facts. I should probably expect this, but please avoid the use of ad hominems in attempt to debunk these findings. Also, I don't think the wage gap argument is a fair argument given I don't concede to it being real to be used a valid argument against these statistics especially considering industrial deaths and accidents happen to men because they are working higher paying and more dangerous jobs by their own volition. Again I know people will try to claim that because I'm sharing this I'm claiming victim status or something, but I am not the victim. Many others are and they are afraid to speak out so I'm speaking out because I have a platform to do so and I'm sick of the false narratives at play.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If I'm wrong I'd love to know, but all I want is for men to get the help they need which they can't do if no one believes they need help.


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