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Always Be Improving Your Content

Scott CunninghamMar 15, 2019, 6:08:35 AM

You should always be pushing to improve your content so that the compounding effect of the improvements create a massive difference over time. This was done for my Linkedin audience, but I feel still has value regardless. 

If you want your Linkedin content to be great, you have to start continuous improvement today! I talk about this in-depth for why I think this is so important for Linkedin users to push themselves to try making a video on Linkedin and see the amazing reaction and how amazing the community is. I treated this like my resume back in the day, but now I finally see the way. Linkedin is for business and really anybody looking to give, or receive, but it will take a lot of work indeed. Just try it out once, have faith and believe. That's was content creation 101.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried sharing? Was it scary? When you finally did were you surprised by the results? Let's let people know that sharing is caring and it really helps to put yourself out there!

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