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Addressing Your Audience In Your Content

Scott CunninghamMay 27, 2019, 7:59:52 PM

Whether I am vlogging or blogging how I address my audience is a huge factor in the success of my videos. To start, it’s good to have an intro and outro for videos. For blogging, you should generally write blogs like you’re talking to someone directly and a bit more informally unless of course, you are writing very technical blogs then you might try to keep it extra formal. The main thing is that you want your audience to feel acknowledged and that you’re sharing with them rather than just lecturing them.

It’s also important to note that people crave value and that is typically delivered via education or entertainment. I’ve gone with education, but entertainment is just as value-driven if you what your audience likes. I know many people struggle with perfectionism on video takes and will relentlessly rerecord. I know this because I do this. The best you can do is be prepared and go with the flow. It is a huge improvement to ensure you pause rather than use filler words when you’re talking and it will also give you room for cutting and editing where needed.

Do note that if you are recording with one camera then cutting and editing will likely look choppy whereas if you have multiple angles, you can switch angles when you edit something and it will look and sound seamless. Some people utilize scripts for their videos and others wing it. Scripting takes more preparation, but you’ll ensure that you get the same take every time and it’s easy to pause and get right back in. Unscripted is good for people who like to wing it and don’t want to spend time scripting or don’t want to appear like they are reading a prompter. How do you create content? What was the biggest takeaway for you?

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