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Goonhood: A 3-Month Project

SClawsonJun 5, 2020, 6:42:22 PM

Have you heard the whisper of the gods in the wild and unclaimed nature before?

I have.

It is the source of my new book...something I have needed to produce for a long time...too long. Procrastination and introspection finally fermented these last 3 months of isolation—no, demanded that I bring this work to you.

My fellows, Vietnamese bots, and boomers, the time has come to reveal where I have been since March.

During the beginning of the fake Chinese virus, I had just arrived in California, preparing for an exposition for my day-job when our event was canceled. An hour after we received our badges we received an email that it was already over. Chinese Virus had claimed victory. Hundreds of companies went belly-up overnight, thousands of flights rerouted, a massive convention center left empty, tens of millions of dollars up in flames, and we sat there on our asses puzzled.

I entered the desert to return home and thought... "during this time where everything seems uncertain...what gods do the Californians pray to?"

Every man has a god, be it a plastic one or a sky-king. There are gods of the material and immaterial. Some are unnamed, others the title of a book, or a movie. Man is spiritual by blood and instinct. He is governed by both rules of the tribe he belongs to, his experience, and this instinct that is entirely primal. It forms a philosophy that he may not express or vocalize but forms the hierarchy of his own life. Whether he is traditional or modern, this philosophy is something we witness every day through his voice—digital through social media or the physical realm.

In the last year, I have—to many of my colleagues and fellow writer's frustration—taken a break from reading fiction and read several books on the living phenomena of metaphysics, spirituality, and politics. Three gravitational works, Bronze Age Mindset, 12 Rules for Life, and Revolt Against the Modern World, have changed my perspective greatly on what is needed in this epoch we dwell in. Namely, on what our efforts and focus should be on, but also to live life viscerally and entirely authentically. The path of least resistance that is so common to Man is the way of the Orwellian slave—the Bugman as Bronze Age Mindset aptly refers to—is what we see around us daily. It is the faceless mob of the riots we see today, those who consume from corporations who hate them, and the orthodox religion of uber-egalitarianism.

I have 'lived' in this modern world and experienced its rotten fruits: growing up Mormon, becoming pagan, being ambushed by a black gang, living in a hyper-diverse liberal city, learning how to fight, how to live off nature, becoming a mountaineer, being friends with a sociopathic homosexual, initiating rites with psychedelic mushrooms, and having powerful visions just to name a few. Reading both these books almost forced a mirror upon my earlier life—to be introspective and better understand why I think and believe what I do now. All great works of literature should do this. They shook me to my core, made me ask questions of my memories that were previously unasked, and allowed me to formulate a philosophy that feels natural.

This transformation—transcendence into barbaric self-actualization, if you could call it that, is what I've put into writing...

It is called Goonhood.

I don't think paraphrasing it can do it the justice it deserves. I can say that it is my best work to date—honest, sharp, and raw. It might be entirely fictional and I a Nietzchean ghost emulating the life of a 21st-century man. Or everything is exactly as I have stated it, in violent, outlaw poetry. That is up for the readers to decide.

This book of mine will be released soon...in two weeks. I am putting all my efforts into releasing it ASAP on every platform I can. I will be posting updates from here and Twitter on when this work will be available.

After writing Goonhood, I'm not sure where my writing will take me. The memoir/discussion style of writing has certainly changed my perspective of what my purpose as a writer should be: authentic. As all Men should be. I will be working on my next fictional projects between my backpacking trips this summer as well as working on a homestead. I figure that I will be inspired enough to continue my work and improve as a writer, regardless of whatever project it will be.

Until then.

I look forward to bringing you the culmination of 25 years! 

- Clawson