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4 Scam Free ways to Profit with Bitcoin & Ethereum

Scheme Of ThingsOct 13, 2019, 9:22:28 PM

This Blog offers short, simple and concise information into what I believe to be the most transparent, reliable and secure methods of income with Crypto.

(The following information is not investment advice. Please do your own intensive research before investing into any platform)

As Bitcoin is different to fiat money (which we use in our daily transactions and transfers between banks), Bitcoin operates on the block chain.

The block-chain is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.

Block chain processes are more secure than traditional records banks use, as they operate entirely through the solving of mathematical equations by Miners to validate and confirm transactions. They cannot be reversed, duplicated or removed, and do not include transfer fees and long waiting times of transactions made through banks.

This reduces the need of a middleman (i.e banks) and makes the individual the only owner of their coins as they are stored and can only be accessed through the wallet set up by them.

Method 1: Hodling:

Level: Beginner

Buying bitcoin during the lows of bear markets and selling during highs of bull markets is the most straightforward and simple method of profiting from the rise and fall of Bitcoin.

The term 'hodling' refers to the "holding" of bitcoin until it reaches the price the Holder is willing to take profits at.

As the Bitcoin market volume is increasing, early hodlers receive the largest returns as previous bear market lows are not revisited by the market price of bitcoin.

This type of investment can be viewed as a long term investment as the owner deposits the funds and does not withdraw until a certain price point in market price


Low Maintenance.

Large Return Profit on Investment


For current prices at time of writing its more suitable for Medium- Large savings.

As the lows of $200- $3000 worth of Bitcoins are unlikely to return again, It is harder for newer buyers to receive the larger returns possible with lower amounts invested.

View and track Bitcoin Price and other Crypto Currencies

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(Upcoming: How To Buy Bitcoin blog to find out various ways of buying, sending and withdrawing Bitcoin to your wallet)

Secure Cold Storage, Hardware wallet - Ledger.

Method 2: Exchange Broker Trading)

Level: Amateur

This method involves the purchase of bitcoin through Popular Exchange Platforms (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, etc.)

It involves separating investment into two categories to avail of profits while maintaining positions of lower priced buy orders.

1) Hodling

2) Trading

Trades are made not only in the very lows and highs of the market but also during pumps and dumps that occur during the price fluctuations.


Profits are maximized as the buyer avails of more price fluctuations of the market.

Offers more withdraw/ reinvest opportunities at regular intervals due to profits being made during pumps and drops of price.


Requires some trading experience and familiarization of trading platform fees.

More time and attention needed for observation of the market and price fluctuations.

Method 3: (Leverage Trading):

Level: Experienced

This method involves the purchase of bitcoin through Pure Crypto Exchange Platforms 

BitMex -

Bybit -


Bitseven - 

(Please Follow for upcoming detailed blogs on how to trade with each Platform & Pros + Cons)

It involves trading with leverage of 1-100% which maximizes profit/ loss on the trade amount. This type of trading is most risky for inexperienced traders as correct measures are needed to apply stop loss orders and limit profit orders.


Profits are maximized as the buyer avails of leverage on the trades executed.
Offers more withdraw/ reinvest opportunities at regular intervals due to profits being made during pumps and drops of price.
Losses can be maximized with incorrect application of stop orders as the buyer avails of leverage.
Requires trading experience and familiarization of how leverage trading works.
Can not deposit Fiat. All deposits and withdrawals are usually in Bitcoin only.

Method 4: (Passive Return Investment):

Level: Anyone

This method involves investing bitcoin in trading algorithm companies or early startup event platforms.

2 HUGE new opportunities at the moment are:



Sports Trading BTC:

Unlike older fashioned trading bots, this company consists of trading professionals carrying out their trades using bitcoin.

The company is very transparent and shares their results live with you so you can follow your commission progress.

Payments are made instantly to your wallet or decide to reinvest into bigger return plans.


Low Maintenance

Offers regular withdraw/ reinvest opportunities at regular intervals due to profits being made during pumps and drops of price.

Various price entry plans with easy upgrade/ reinvest opportunity.


I can honestly find no cons to these platforms.

Your investment is returned and doubled in daily/ weekly commission payments with as little as 1 referral (Cash FX) or 2 referrals (Sport Trading BTC)

Upgrading plans is highly profitable as upgrades yield higher returns.

A growing chain of profit can be created by creating a pair of accounts. (One using my link, and another using your own link)

Over spill is present in both platforms. (Extra referrals created by your sponsor can instantly be added to your account, especially with Sport Trading BTC)

You can maximize returns by sharing said platform and creating a binary chain of added % return.

***Bonus point: SELF referrals are accepted on both platforms!!!

Writers opinion:

The Affiliate platforms mentioned in Method 4 are extremely new. The pre-launch dates for Sport Trading BTC and Cash FX were both extremely recent (Aug-Oct). Although I feel Sport BTC has a huge media appeal, I believe both platforms to hold massive earning potential for the future of trading platforms in Crypto!

NB - Sign up can be anonymous and private. Please always ensure proper and secure Wallet Management when transferring to any platform.

Please contact Support on Cash FX or Sport BTC for any queries or issues with sign up.

All details, explanations are also included on the websites below.

You can obtain marketing tutorials, email marketing tips and more as a member so please make sure to check them out!



Sports Trading BTC:


Feel free to follow/ message directly for any information, advice or tips!

In Crypto we trust! Stay safe and Eappy Earning!