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Waging Guerilla Warfare Against Big Tech

samungerApr 28, 2021, 4:20:05 AM

In short, make them bleed money at little to no cost to yourself.

Post Long, Pointless Videos On a Regular Schedule

Every pointless video or other content that you post costs them money. To you personally, it is pennies worth of electricity and internet bandwidth, and perhaps a bit of time. To them, they must maintain expensive infrastructure and engineers. While your individual contribution costs them little, the collective action of hundreds of millions of users would drain their resources rapidly. Post long, pointless, and innocuous videos on a regular schedule. It doesn't matter what you post, as long as it doesn't get you banned. Encourage your comrades to do the same. If you have the technical skills, employ a bot to do this for you.


Force Them to Hire More Censors

Create a bunch of accounts and deliberately post materials on these accounts that straddle the line of acceptability. Report this account. Do this often. In fact, you don't even need to do the reporting. Others will gladly do this work for you. The idea here is that this creates work for Big Tech, particularly if human reviewers are required. If mass numbers of users do this repeatedly, it would create a huge backlog of work for Big Tech. They would be forced to hire more censors. Help them grow their army so that they must feed legions of rumbling bellies.


Become a Nuisance

Create multiple accounts, and from these accounts engage in a campaign of non-illegal harassment. Your behavior should cause you to become banned, but don't make it too obvious. It should require human judgement, which means you create more pointless work for Big Tech to deal with.


Report Others Often

Report accounts, do it often and at random. It doesn't matter if this account has done anything wrong. This creates work for Big Tech to deal with - a huge slush pile of reports that they must sift through regardless of their use of AI. This tactic should be done en masse and targeted towards medium to large channels in order to have the greatest effect. Furthermore, this creates ill-will between large account holders and Big Tech.


Scare off Advertisers

I will not suggest how you do this. It is up to your creativity. It doesn't matter if this would negatively impact the content creators that you follow. Their sacrifice would be for the greater good of humanity. If anything, your favorite content creators would simply switch to a new, fledgling platform. This would accelerate the demise of Big Tech.



Comrades, Big Tech poses a threat to us all. It matters not what opposing ideologies we subscribe to. Big Tech will come for us all if we do not first end it.