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Multimedia Artist, Author AKA a Girl Who Thinks She Can Draw & Write
Hay guys! Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances I am sure you all are aware of at the moment, Arctic Comic Con was postponed. Sadly it has been postponed until Halloween Weekend. That is the weekend right after Battle Zone Ursa 2020 Convention which we always help sponsor. Doing one convention a month is one thing, but back to back weekends like that we are not yet equipped to handle sadly. So we will no longer be attending Arctic Comic Con this year. HOWEVER WE WILL STILL BE SUPPORTING IT! We got this thing of doing a special image or poster for each convention we go to as well as the ones we support. Since we did Batman Ninja's Catwoman last year, we thought this year we would give Marvel a little love. Here is a little preview of the poster we had all ready started before events took an unfortunate turn. Say hi to Spiderman's Silk in her Web Suit! .... I need to think of a wittier title for this silly poster.... AND THERE IS MORE! Update on the game, Touch of the Dragonfly. We are a bit delayed on launch also due to the current 'hunker down' directive in place and our file share dudes we were originally working with having issues. But never fear! the game is DONE and READY for your enjoyment! We just got to work out a new way to get it to you guys. ^^; #Silk #marvel #webslinger #superhero #superheroine
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Hay! Quick update! Hello! We originally had planned to officially release the adult visual novel, Touch of the Dragonfly today but certain current events have delayed us a bit. The new release date is tentatively set for some time within the next week or so, so stay tuned! In the mean time here is the title screen minus the menu bar and what not for your enjoyment! #visualnovel #adultgame #mystery #romance #dragonfly
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