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Eliminating Disease

ROGUE SUPPORT INCJun 4, 2020, 6:09:43 PM

Scott Duncan - Vice President; Rogue Support Inc.

Unless you have literally been living on another planet, it is an absolute certainty you've heard the term, "COVID-19". Throughout this imaginary crisis I have made declarations that later turned out to be true. I know most of you hate facts, reason and knowledge, and say I'm a really bad person for daring to speak out against the "expert" opinions of our substitute drama teacher Prime Minister... 

...But I'm going to tell you the facts anyway.

First you need to understand where the term "COVID" comes from.

COVID simply refers to a classification of annual mutations of influenza. COVID-18 was last year's seasonal flu. COVID-17 was the seasonal flu from the year before...and so on. This particular strain has the designation of "NOVEL". In immunology, the novel designation means there is something distinctive and/or out-of-the-ordinary from what is expected. COVID-19 is a corona virus like every other seasonal flu, but anyone who has bothered to acquire the skill of reading a genome can see it's NOT natural. COVID-19 is a modified virus. If you say otherwise, you are wrong.

Unless you can acquire the skill to read an RNA strand and show me where I am wrong, you'd best keep your mouth shut because you are aiding evil idiots who mean you harm. The particular tampering in this virus increases its virulence. This means if you come into contact with COVID-19 the chances of contracting it are more than triple that of COVID-18. Another reason to acquire the skill of reading a genome is to do this very specific tamper detection.

Over the past few years you have probably heard the term CRISPR/CAS-9. This is one of the greatest discoveries humanity has ever made. It makes the elimination of genetic diseases an absolute certainty. The thing about a CAS-9 edit is that it's immediately obvious when reading a genome.

THERE'S NO PROOF THIS SENTENCE WAS WRITTEN IN CAPS! This is what you ignorant, unskilled morons who call me "Conspiracy Theorist" sound like to me. All genome edits are detectable, and they are as detectable as that sentence written in capital letters.

As there are many ways to "skin a cat", there are also many historical methods of editing a genome. They were slow, cumbersome and expensive. They were also detectable. The thing is, this is not a very big field, and the ones that are good at it tend to make a name for themselves. It also makes their work very identifiable; so identifiable I can even identify the team that did this. They're at Harvard, and they sell their services on the open market. China is one of their many satisfied customers.

China has a male surplus problem, and they really need to thin the herd, because China has over three times Canada's population of "surplus" males. Over 100,000,000 men, who will never marry or even have a girlfriend. Think about that...

Having disposable men is very useful during wartime, but less so in times of economic growth - and China has experienced a lot of economic growth. China is a big threat but the giant meth lab that is the United States, is the more immediate threat.

Ninety days of economic contraction has destroyed the lives of millions of people, all "for your safety". The government workers imposing these crippling rules "for your safety" never had to endure ANY hardship during these events. Their livelihood comes from taking money, by force, from YOU (assuming you aren't some Antifa leftist, living in your mom's basement). Government parasites have had to endure NO hardship, and YOU PAID FOR IT.

In Ontario the "state of emergency" has been extended another month. Twice in this period I have had lawyers lie, and make up COVID-19 victims that they "knew" who have died. The government is trying to push this mythology, even though it is absolutely conclusive that COVID-19 has no greater mortality than the seasonal flu.

People's lives have been decimated, and the world is rioting to pay homage to a loser whose only notable act in life besides causing harm, misery and fear to others, is to be killed by a municipally-hired thug.

All of these are to distract you from the fact that we all collectively fell for a government scam.

Who is going to be called to account for all of this? I think it's only fair that every single government worker have their salaries and savings seized. If they raise a protest, give them the same protest that they give us, "We're all in this together." I propose we take by force what was seized from us. These parasites don't actually produce anything. They don't make anything, and they're literally not needed. Yet most of them pull at least $100,000.00 in Ontario. Let's take it. Just like they took from us. Every single government worker loses their salary for the next ninety days and all of their savings, because we're suffering because of a government scam. It's only fair that government workers should suffer while we rebuild. Remember that everything the government gives you was taken by force from somebody else. For some reason, people are getting rich working for the government. Nobody ever questions this.

It's time for some wealth redistribution. If you don't kill off and starve out the parasites now, expect to live in a communist shithole ten years from now.

By the way, does anybody remember SARS? That had a mortality rate of 10%. You had a one-in-ten chance of dying if you contracted SARS. Does anybody remember the lockdown then? That's because there wasn't one. Why not? SARS was literally ten times more lethal than the seasonal flu. This is a fact. Why is nobody paying attention to it?

It appears most of you can't think beyond next week, and you'll happily call me names and wish me harm for stating these facts. My life, and the lives of those close to me, has been decimated and pretty much any hope for the future is lost. We're too old to "start from scratch", and it was all taken from us by a government scam. Can I expect the government to comply with the same bullshit narrative from us when we come for their shit? You're releasing violent criminals and arresting people for going to the park. Crowds of boot-licking sychophants cheer you on. Most of them are children of government workers living in their parent's basements.

Those of us who build and produce have to pay for our own destruction.

The best compensation would be to summarily fire every single government worker. Every single one. So I'm going to run for public office and do just that. Vote for me, and EVERY government worker gets fired. We then hold an election and get a government that serves the people and doesn't just feed off of them. It should take about six weeks. I don't want to be in office any longer than that. I don't want to "lead you" and I'm not a banner to stand under; but nobody's stepping up to cure the real disease, except maybe Adam Kokesh.

The people starving in the streets, and homeless, should not be us. It should be government parasites.

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