===Backyard Astronomer=== I like to stand in the dark and take pictures of the sky.
Sorry for being a bit quiet lately, I've been swamped with other stuff. Got up early this morning, Mars and Jupiter are almost in a position where I can start to take pictures of them. I'm hoping the other stuff I've been swamped with will help me get a mount so I don't have to hand track the planets anymore, it's fun and all but the novelty wears off after a while. I'm more than a little excited that the visible planets are back in the sky.
Moon, waxing Gibbous 84% illuminated, 1/160 exposure, ISO 400, 8in F6 dob with a 2x barlow, 50 images, stitched with Image Composite Editor, only scaled tonight. #myphoto #moon #sky
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