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What to Include in Your Rental Lease Agreement

rentalleaseguideJan 8, 2019, 3:07:24 PM

As a property owner, you should have an agreement between you and your tenant agreeing on o the terms of their stay. Before renting the tenants the property, you should both sign the lease agreement. At some point you'll have a tenant who turns out to be a headache and therefore having agreed beforehand on terms of his stay will help you in dealing with them. Both the tenant and landlord are protected by having a contract between them. A good tenant-landlord relationship is built by agreeing beforehand the terms of your relationship. So that your lease agreement is feasible, some basic thing need to be included. All the basics of a lease agreement must be included in the lease agreement you get online. Your lease agreement should include the following basic terms.

Parties of the agreement must be included. The people who the agreement is between must be stated I the free lease agreement. For a rental property, the agreement is between the landlord, or their agent and the tenant. Their names should be included in the rental agreement. Clearly, state who is the tenant and who is the landlord to ensure that the terms apply to them. Terms of the agreement between the tenant and landlord are therefore applicable as it's clearly stated who is the tenant and who is the landlord. The location of the property also needs to be included in the rental lease agreement. The house number and if the building has a name should be included in the lease. Name of the street, postal code and state are also vital in identifying where the property is located.

The lease term must also be included. The lease term is the length of the lease. Most long-term lease arrangements are usually a year. It's possible to also have a month to month lease agreement. It's important that the period through which the lease agreement is valid is included. This is done by stating the date when the lease starts and when the date when it ends. State the specific dates rather than the period through which the lease is valid. Ensure that your lease agreement ends in a seasonable period. This way you will ensure you get a tenant replacement fast. What the tenant has to pay should be included. The amount of lease for the year should be included divided into monthly allotments that should be paid every month.

After including, these basic terms and other terms of the lease, the contract should be made binding. If the contract is not signed by the tenant and the landlord it is worthless. You are able to establish a good relationship by including these terms in your lease agreement. This website has more info: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/2017/10/03/want-to-cancel-your-residential-lease-early-you-may-suffer-penalties_a_23230658/.