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Liberals & Pedophilia

Reformation USAMay 30, 2019, 12:50:34 AM

The date was June 26, 2015, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, legalized it in all fifty states, and required states to honor out-of-state same-sex marriage licenses in the case Obergefell v. Hodges. On that date, I told my wife "Here we go, they will legalize Pedophilia within the next 20 years".  Many people said I was crazy, many people couldn't figure out why I would say such a thing, but 4 years later, here I am writing on this subject. Once "Gay Marriage" was made legal in all 50 states, we as a country got right onto the slippery slope, and there is no way to stop. 

Sodomy celebrated by the White House

So it begins. After the Obama Administration "Gay Marriage" ordeal, we started to see a wave of sheer madness happen in our country. Many gay people went a step further to now claim they "Identify" as the other gender. Some even made up all kinds of other genders, and some even "Identified" as animals. And they didn't even  keep their deranged mental disorder to themselves, they insisted that we all agree with them. Now in 2019 we have this gender insanity going on and people are actually giving their children hormone pills and some are even having their children's genitals mutilated. We are also seeing more and more cases of parents who are losing custody of their children, because someone (sometimes the spouse) has claimed that their child is not the sex that they actually are. And if the judge is a Liberal, they will rule in favor of the parent who is brainwashing the child into thinking they are not the gender that they actually are . 

Children in public schools being indoctrinated into  "Trans Mania"

This "Trans Mania" is running amok in America, and is destroying our children through the public school system, social media, and mainstream media. My advice for anyone who is  reading this article, pull your children out of the public school system, NOW.  On top of all of this, we are seeing pedophiles show up to schools and public libraries dressing as women and putting on these sick "Drag Queen Story Hours" where they indoctrinate children into believing that there are more than 2 genders. Some even talk to the children about anal sex, and the Left calls this "Tolerance".

Convicted Pedophile/Drag Queen Story Hour   Albert Garza 

As you can see, we are definitely on the slippery slope.  On top of all of this, you have Desmond.  Desmond is a boy who at age 8 was dressing as a girl and attending "Gay Pride" parades all across the country, where he would march down the street and act like a girl. He has been celebrated by the Left as a hero, and has the full support of every single Liberal that I know. He is now age 11 and strip teases in front of gay men in LGBT night clubs where they stuff money down his pants and whistle at him. When people ask his parents what they make of all this, they fully support this behavior and actually help promote him. Desmond's parents clearly belong in a Straight Jacket. 

Brainwashed boy named Desmond dancing at Gay Pride parade

Now, I have given you some insight on the slippery slope. But how would Liberals actually legalize Pedophilia? Let's take a look at  England.  There have been thousands upon thousands of Pedophilia cases that have never been solved. No arrests have been made, and while Pedophilia remains illegal for now, they are letting people rape children and not arresting them for it. But why, and who are these Pedophiles? Muslims.  England refuses to arrest Muslims for Pedophilia because they do not want to "Offend Islam".  The way Seattle turns their heads on drug crimes, property crimes, and violence against Conservatives, is exactly what England is doing with Pedophilia. Now just imagine when the USA gets a majority Muslim senate or congress. 

UK Pedophile supporter , who is loved by the Left 

As we all know, the prophet Muhammad repeatedly raped  his 9 year old bride Aisha and the Left is perfectly fine with this. I have asked a question to hundreds of Liberals. Here's the question:

Me :  "What do you call a White middle aged Republican man who has sex with a 9 year old girl?"

Liberals : "A Pedophile"

Me: "What do you call the prophet Muhammad who had sex with a 9 year old girl"

Liberals:  (Silence)

I have still to this day never heard a Liberal condemn Pedophilia across the board. Sure, they will condemn it if you say "White Republican" , but if you bring up a Leftist, they will just walk away form you. Trust me, try it on your Liberal friends , in public or on a public social media thread. They would rather condone Pedophilia than be looked at as Islamophobic. 

Another one I ask Liberals is this: "Why is Pedophilia wrong?"  From their worldview and moral reasoning, they cannot tell you why it's wrong.  Why? Because they are Pro Abortion, Anti-Family, Anti-God, Anti-American lost souls who will burn in hell unless God deals with them first and snatches them from the flames of hell. 

Now I know this blog may sound a little bit far fetched , but in 2015 when I said what would happen so far, people thought I was crazy, but I was correct. You cannot even say there are only 2 genders on facebook, Twitter, Instagram or you will be banned. You cannot call the prophet Muhammad a Pedophile or you will be banned.  You cannot even tell your kids there are only 2 genders or the school system will report you and the government will try to take your children. Show me a Liberal who can tell me why Pedophilia is wrong, or maybe a Liberal who will call Muhammad a Pedophile. You can't.  Just imagine when "Desmond" or another "Trans Child" goes in front of a majority Muslim senate  committee and tells them that they enjoyed being molested as a child. Imagine if it turns out like Roe v Wade, where Jane Roe never even had the abortion, she was just a pawn. Imagine if children are brainwashed by the left to start saying they like getting molested. Mark my words, the Left will eventually make Pedophilia legal. The LGBT community has already been welcoming NAMBLA, Drag Queen Pedophiles and child sex traffickers. Why wouldn't they make it legal? They would, because they hate the American family, they hate America, and they Hate God.  They hate anything good, and they love anything that is evil, just watch the news. Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil. (Isaiah  5:20)