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Who Will the Left "Free" From Oppression Next? Your children. From You.

RBurtMFeb 14, 2019, 6:15:40 AM

Why should your age allow you to oppress another?  Why should the fact you simply have more years mean you can dictate the life of another human being?  Why should the fact that you are a person's biological parents allow you to oppress them until the age 18?  

The authority of parents over children is under attack.  In the form of liberation, of course.  Check out what was a big event in my town among all the powerful and influential people.  

The sixteen year old Hannah, quoted, I've known since she was four.  My husband worked for her dad.  But it's the mom who runs the household and sets all the rules... of course.  They are all good feminists. 

Where is this going?  What is the endgame?  Maybe I'm paranoid... but I think it is to legalize pedophilia.  Once parents have no authority, all a pedo needs to do is persuade a child that he or she wants a sexual relationship.  

"Desmond is 10... emphatic that it is he, not his parents, in charge of what he does and what he wears. Desmond also wants to inspire other LGBTQ kids."


This is, of course, sexualizing a child.

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." Isaiah 3:12

And this is just one of the many reasons we are homesteading. Staying close to creation and close to God.

Easter Egg hunt.  The location is the pasture we rented where we lived and built our mobile house and saved up a down-payment for the land we have now bought.  Mobile being a relative term.  The story of moving the beast will be another blog post.

And here is a link to an article about stripping parents of their rights as parents.
"LGBT Activists Teaching Judges To Yank Kids From Parents Who Won’t Transgender Them"