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Young vs Old: Blog

Wok'n RolandMar 23, 2022, 9:04:52 AM

Above is an older photo of about where I was at. I was actually trying to take some impossible photos of 2 otters swimming around in the pond, none of them came out any good.

I then see a Bald Eagle in the distance on my left flying across the pond towards me. 

😮SWEET!!! What a find.

I watch this eagle circle around and then fly into the tree line.


Then a juvenile eagle flew out heading across the pond. I knew instantly something was going on.

The juvenile eagle just was not fast enough to get away from the the adult eagle.

They both circled around and flew off to my left side together. I don't know if they were fighting over territory or if the juvenile eagle was just getting a lesson from a parent. Either way it was a sight to see and I never thought I would ever be able to catch something like this happening. 

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