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A Persona style game with multiple playable character

Rabid SavageMar 24, 2021, 11:03:55 PM

Came up with a method of designing a Persona type game where you play as multiple character. Of course, the characters won't really act as the player as much and would instead be more their own characters within the confine of the story.

Now, I did write most of this just before I went to bed last night, so sorry if it's not the most clean or coherent.

Here we go:


  • Characters have their own:
    • Specific stats/skills/strengths and weaknesses
    • Different relationships to different characters
  • Relationships may need to be at certain levels to do tasks/missions
  • One important feature to consider is a system for selecting character, such as selecting them at the beginning of each day
    • You can also set days where the character is too busy to play as or days where they have to be played as
    • Story events/missions that involve multiple character may have/let you switch between characters
  • When not playing as a character and that character doesn't have free time
    • There will probably have to be a system to preset their activities so they don’t complete any tasks or do too much else that’ll effect events the player should participate in
    • They can’t participate in activities with other playable character

Tasks/Missions and Timetables

  • There are different tasks (minor) and missions (major) they must complete
    • Some are character specific
      • Character specific missions and tasks being completed will give that character free time when you aren’t playing as them
        • When a character has free time and they aren’t be played, they can complete do other activities when being used
        • When not being played, they’ll meander about unless you want your character to do something with them
    • Some activities will require multiple characters to have a degree of free time
    • The free time system would definitely need a lot of thought put into it, since it would define a playable character's NPC behavior
  • There will be activities that require multiple characters to be free

Final Thoughts

  • This will likely use a calendar system, but I'm not deep enough in the genre to know the best way to set the day/week cycle
  • The Free-Time system would need a lot of thought to be put into it to implement it correctly
  • You’ll need some system to make sure you play as each character to finish their tasks and a way to let players go back if they can't complete required tasks due to neglect or improper planning
  • This also only really covers the social activities of games like persona, since each game can have it's own system for more 'action' based activities. And most of the time in these types of games, you have multiple characters fighting along side each other anyway. Because of that, I thought giving an idea for this aspect would be more useful.

And that's it

Sorry that it's a bit cluttered and messy. 

There's a lot more thought that would have to be put into a game to set up the system, but I felt like I struct a bit of gold when I came up with some of this

I would love to hear thoughts on how well people think a system like this would work

And if you liked this post, I may do more blog posts in a similar vein, because I have all kinds of crazy game ideas