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The enforcement of oppression

Quae FreiMar 17, 2019, 8:51:12 AM

Those that choose to engage, support or enable any form of oppression, especially for profit from the exploitation and extortion, manipulation and coercion, and the kidnapping and murdering of their fellow humans, are disgusting, irrational, ignorant, usually arrogant and severely mentally disturbed individuals, usually only even chosen for such a wage slavery directly due to the oppression exploiting those with a specific psychosis for the implementation of slave on slave maintenance and control and profit gains.

While we are all slaves and/or victims of culture, even the elites, the majority of humans must submit to wage slavery for the ability to acquire resources for survival, unless so privileged.

It is not the people who are trying to survive in such a system that are to blame for societal ills, but the societal operating construct that produces these ills that is to blame, not the victimized people.

That being said the term “police officer”, “law enforcement official” or “cop” is descriptive of a job title, i.e. a form of wage slavery, and is not the overall defining factor of a human who has chosen this particular form of resource acquisition.

If a human so chooses to engage their wage slavery with said job title they choose to engage with the inherent oppression of said institution that is representative of the job title; and therefore by engaging that decision makes that human complicit and responsible for all oppressive acts of said institution.

To choose a wage slavery that is inherently oppressive is to engage with enacting, supporting and enabling oppression.

The terminology for job titles is no way a full descriptive of a human, as humans are so much more dynamic and complex than a the title of their given wage slavery, but is merely just a title of oppression in which a human can engage. Whether through delusion or indoctrination, or even exploitation and/or manipulation of an individuals particular psychosis, it is still their choice to participate with this chosen form of resource acquisition, and thus their responsibility to share in.

A human who engages with any act of oppression as a “job” might otherwise be a “good” human, but the act of submitting to wage slavery is a requirement for survival under capitalism, the act of engaging your chosen wage slavery being that of “slave patrol” is inherently oppressive, as the institution of “slave patrol” is by its own nature oppressive.

This makes even the most decent of a human a product of enforcing oppression. Again it is Not the Human that is the factor in the equation, but the humans chosen form of resource acquisition.

There are also some very sick people within this society of inculcated and indoctrinated blind obedience and conformity to wage slavery and oppressive societal operating constructs.

This is not their fault, these are just negative systemic effects of the structural violence and abuse inherent within such a system of socio-economic operation.

We should also take into account that the officers “job” is to engage with provoking and propagating state profit gains by filling quotas by seemingly any means necessary.

Since this is their seeming vocational goal to engage with, would it be fair to say that acting as if carrying a slave patrol “badge” should grant extra rights?

Considering the majority of the types of incidents occurring in society can also be attributed to the wrongful and/or unjust actions on behalf of the order followers who are ordered to maximize profit gains in that avenue of the states extortion and exploitation operation, should we all just be OK with and allow for people characterized and exploited by the state for their specific forms of psychosis to steal, rape, torture and kill at their desire, only to receive a paid vacation?

We have “laws” due to the outdated societal operating construct we currently globally utilize. A socioeconomic system that is so inefficient, that it requires “laws” for daily optimal functioning ability.

It is of course then necessary to enforce these “laws”.

This is the problem, instead of taking away the root causation of the systemic barriers of oppression inherent within this system that would negate the behaviours that need to be observed and controlled, we choose to allow for this structural violence to be a norm of our society, mainly due to pushed ignorance on the matter and also from the almost near total control of the survivability operations of most humans.

These “laws” are mostly there for corporate rulership upon a society, and protection from that society, they are not for the people’s wellbeing or advancement.

You can argue that we need “law and order” for a semblance of “peace” in our society, but that argument is deemed null and void when taking into account that it is due to the requirements of an outdated, outmoded and largely detrimental oppressive societal operating system, that these “laws” are even enacted through necessity, and sadly seemingly to the direct detriment of most life on earth.

That we only have these “laws” due to the protection of the semi-benefactors of this paradigm, I would assert the current socio-economic model of capitalism, which for all intents and purposes seems to be an illusion of “$/capitol/property/ownership” within an economic growth paradigm based upon the maximization of profit gains from constant competition for infinite growth on a finite planet, that also seemingly only inherently only semi-benefits one percent of the human populace. Which obviously has bred an environment that creates and is ripe for certain propensities towards “negative” / undesirable societal behaviours that have been so long since perpetuated now, that we now as a species choose willful ignorance and the illusion of comfortability to justify to ourselves the sad reality of forced participation and submission with wage/debt slavery and exploitation for access to survival needs.

Plus the factors of constant misinformation and purposefully pushed and propagandized disinformation keeping the majority of people unable to think for themselves beyond what they are told.

An action of which is used as a counterintelligence tactic to propagate and perpetuate the required social obedience to allow for a hierarchical structure of oppression to gain control of a society, a social operating system specifically designed to keep the one percent and corporations that do benefit from this paradigm, keeping on with the semi benefiting while the rest of the human populace suffer to allow that to be the chosen social “norm” of our life values and life worth.

There can Never be a “good” cop as the job descriptive is inherently “bad”.

A human engaging this wage slavery disregards, and by their own words and “oaths”, give up their identity and rights as a human, to enforce the unjust and immoral arbitrary dictates of a rulership forcibly onto others.

But it is not their fault, it is all of ours, it is us who makes even those forces up, it is all of us the people who allow for this type of reality to continue, and regardless there is no blame or shame to be had that can be productive in advancing our society.

We either as a people actively and intentionally transition away from this seemingly largely insane paradigm, or we will inevitably mostly perish due to the anthropocene epoch we are currently living during this liminal time of our culminated existence.

We are going rapidly heading towards mass extinction as we speak, i find it to be mundane and cumbersome that we are even having to be discussing such minute details over the false division and diversionary tactics of oppression used by the oppressive system we as a humans species all live within and are forced to participate with for survival.

We currently have a myriad variety of solutions that are and/or can be immediately and universally applicable to begin the negation of capitalism, and the eventual rendering of oppressive constructs obsolete.

This is what we like to focus upon, if you would like to learn more about the root causation and root solutions to the current human condition of oppression and slavery for survival, you can check out our website for more objectively verifiable information on this and many other relevant topics of discourse.