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Trump Vs MLK Jr. (For The G.O.A.T. Civil Rights Leader Belt)

Professor DregMay 2, 2021, 8:52:42 PM

We have ghettos in every (Progressive) city in the USA because people simply cannot see the outcome of Trump vs. MLK Jr.  People, including “We the People” types, are oblivious to Progressive ideology in every way possible. No one alive today lived through the rise of US President Woodrow Wilson (which included the help of Republican Teddy Roosevelt, who founded the Progressive Party of 1912). “Why is Progressive ideology important in an article about Trump vs. MLK Jr.?” someone might ask. Well, it is important because people need to understand that racism and institutional racism are two different things. Institutional Racism is used in the ghetto as the “dry run” of what a Progressive USA would look like. Racism is the root to understanding Trump vs. MLK Jr.

Regular racism as defined by Merriam-Webster basically states some stuff that verifies that I am a racist against stupid people.  I try to stop it, but it pops up every now and again. Now, can any government policy or law stop my racistcidal tendencies against stupid people? (And yes, I know racistcidal isn’t a word. If Don King can make up words while being a great patriot, I can too!) The answer is no. Government laws can never change human behavior. It can influence a behavior but that is it.

Institutional racism on the other hand is a mechanism invented by Progressives, to introduce voluntary slavery into a free-market system using government incentives we call social programs. For a “legal definition” of Institutional Racism, use this one:

Institutional Racism is the historic practice of any government agency (federal, state or local) or corporation or individual wielding power under state authority for the public benefit or the public convenience the denial of Civil Rights against African-Americans and Chinese-Americans through developing laws and enacting said laws through the administrative process that usurp the 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 6th Amendment,8th amendment,13th Amendment, and 14th Amendment in exchange for any type of government benefit (be it financial favor, appointment or any type of state authority for the public benefit or public convenience) not afforded to individuals who do not partake in discriminatory practices.

You better read that definition again and let it sink in a bit.

Take a deep breath and go…

Progressives have successfully used Institutional Racism (IR) against white conservatives and the entire black African-American population (which includes those who pretend they are not black because they speak Spanish. Oh my, you Puerto Ricans).


A picture of me to show I look very Puerto Rican...but I'm not, I'm black and my ability to speak Spanish or not speak Spanish doesn't make me any less black or white.



“How is IR used against blacks?” you might ask. Go visit a ghetto to find out. The Bill of Rights is thrown out the window in any ghetto because of the “police state” that controls the area. People have no idea what communism looks like unless you lived in a US ghetto or China, Vietnam, the former East Germany or former USSR, etc. The funny thing is that people outside the ghetto think it is okay because…that will be for another day.

“Okay then, how is IR used against white conservatives?” you might ask. IR is used against white conservatives because it takes you away from the founding of our country. We are a Christian nation. We are not a Muslim country. We are not a Jewish country. We are not a Hindi country. We are not a Buddhist country. Just because we have freedom of religion doesn’t mean we are not a Christian country. The Constitution stems from the 2 commandments of Jesus (given by God). The greatness of our country comes from Christian doctrine and not Judeo-Christian doctrine.

Since the Progressives have successfully twisted the truth about our founding being based on the persecution of Christians (by other Christians), Conservatives (in the US) have been lost about their own identity. They have no idea that they are CONSERVING a Christian document and the most important aspect of that document is the Bill of Rights. Since white Conservatives can look the other way when IR is used in the ghetto, Progressives know that it is just a matter of time until they can take control of the entire country. They (Progressives) almost have total control, too. Mask mandates are a 9th Amendment violation, but no one cares…kinda’ like no one cares about the ghetto.

Once Jesus had been removed, Progressives made false idols to take his place. The purpose of a false idol is to make white Conservatives feel guilty for being white.

The most famous of the false idols would be Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLK Jr’s legacy is still being used today by the most prominent Conservatives.  Famous Conservative politicians use MLK Jr quotes. Famous Conservative media personalities like Glenn Beck or Ben Shapiro use MLK Jr quotes. Basically, everyone does it. They have all been fooled.

Everyone uses MLK Jr as some sort of Conservative guru as a way to be a good conservative, but he was only a tool to get the ball rolling on “white guilt’.  MLK Jr was a tool of Progressive ideology and their leader at that point in time was Lyndon B Johnson.

LBJ was a racist’s racist that brought back Jim Crow, who everyone seems to not know exists. Trump has seen it, and that is why Trump was the greatest Civil Rights president in history. Maybe even being better than Lincoln. Trump was not lying when he said that.


Before anyone thumbs down or dislikes this piece, please consider that you have never read the actual public law 88-352 (aka Civil Rights Act of 1964) or public law 85-315 (aka Civil Rights Act of 1957). Links to both laws are below.

Read and compare both laws side by side; when you do that, you’ll see what Trump had guessed. He guessed the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a Jim Crow Law. Instead of calling the Civil Rights Act Jim Crow, Progressives branded Jim Crow as “Progressive”. Now remember, Progressives are the master of branding. Joe Biden called a voter ID law in Georgia that literally helps black people maintain a solid voice in voting “Jim Crow on steroids, it’s Jim Eagle”. Branding works. Joe Biden and the Progressives got Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta (ATL) this year (2021). That move hurts all the black-owned businesses in the ATL more than any other business. I believe “the ATL” has the most black-owned businesses in the country. IR is real and Progressives use it all the time. I’d love to see the day when we all march yelling “Progressives hate blacks, Progressives hate blacks”. When people ask, we calmly explain how they are racist while Trump was the greatest civil rights leader ever.

Statute 71

Statute 78

Trump vs. MLK Jr. on voting rights

MLK Jr. advocated for a law to add a literacy test, which was racist against blacks, where none existed in 1957. Go read the law. No literacy test was needed in 1957, yet MLK Jr. felt blacks needed to take a test to vote. At that time in the 1960s, many blacks were denied the right to vote due to MLK Jr. advocating and telling us (black people) that the CRA 64 was the 2nd coming (since he was a preacher, of course we’d believe him if he said it was like the 2nd coming of God).  Adding a literacy test is an example of IR. It uses the “administrative process” to usurp the Constitution. Does anyone call MLK Jr a racist or Uncle Tom for being an anti-black Progressive actively wanting to suppress black votes? He should, but isn’t.

Trump, on the other hand, supports “Voter ID” laws. Since all blacks have a way to cash checks, pick up social service benefits, and buy liquor there is no valid reason to say Trump is a racist for supporting ID voting laws. We all know “Voter ID” laws will not suppress black votes. It will suppress the votes of people who live “off the grid” (come on now, we’ve all run into one of those Ted Kaczynski types), and illegal immigrants. In my humble opinion, illegal immigrants are the biggest threat to us in the ghetto and their voices need to be suppressed – and not amplified. Instead of celebrating Trump for stopping the suppression of black voices in the ghetto, we allow the media to paint Trump and his supporters as racists and/or lunatics.

Trump 1 : MLK Jr. 0

Trump vs. MLK Jr. on education

MLK Jr. advocated that “”Desegregation” means the assignment of students to public schools and within such schools without regard to their race, color, religion, or national origin, but ‘desegregation’ shall not mean the assignment of students to public schools in order to overcome racial imbalance.”  I’m not kidding. MLK Jr. thought that that was a good idea. MLK Jr. was a preacher and many people read the Bible the same way MLK Jr. read the Bible. MLK Jr.’s lack of comprehending how to read the Bible was exactly how he didn’t know what he was reading when it came to desegregation. That is why MLK Jr. thought that that quote was appropriate. Come on now, it should be obvious why MLK Jr. is going to lose this round. The CRA of 1964 is a racist paradox built to undo the actual civil rights won in the 1950s. On the other hand, maybe I am giving MLK Jr. too much credit.  In reality, he was just chasing fame and fortune and advocated for IR to get his rewards.

Trump advocates for a “voucher” system. That (voucher system) was the intended solution of the Oliver Brown, et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, et al., decision. You see in the 1950s not all schools were free. In Kansas, there was a fee. So the black parents of kids (like Oliver Brown) who hated their “black” school , fought to pay to go to a “white” school. They won in court. If you look at history as a marker of the future, a small minority of kids will use the money to go to a good school (out of their district). A flood of black kids didn’t want to go to white schools in the 1950s after Brown v School Board, and they won’t in 2021/20/22/23… The rest will just be home schooled (come on now…you know welfare moms will pocket that money and have the internet school those kids. Especially if Kid’s Korner continues to be free…lol) The kids that continue to attend under-performing schools will have the smaller class sizes that teachers always complain about. With smaller class sizes, schools should improve. It is a triple win. Trump again showing his command of civil rights for all people regardless of the color of their skin, but on the content of their character to chase a better education.

Trump 2 :  MLK Jr. 0

Trump vs. MLK Jr. on everything else

It is unfair to compare the two on everything else because Trump is a billionaire with resources who became the president. MLK Jr. was just a regular dude, who cheated on his wife (a lot) while preaching. It is an unfair comparison, but a cursory glance shows Trump has done more for the ghettos in employment, unfair prison sentencing, welfare, housing, etc., than MLK Jr.

Trump 3 : MLK Jr. 0

So, to be clear, Trump, the dude who said “grab the willow cats” or something like that, is a far better hero to the downtrodden than the man who said “I have a dream” that I will be famous. Stop being fooled by Progressives who are dictating to you what is a Conservative value or principle. Even if you are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindi, we are all conserving the Christian beliefs found in the entire US Constitution.

Remember, it is not Trump who is racist or uses IR. It is MLK Jr. who used IR. The Progressives have successfully made Conservatives believe that IR is fake, while painting us as the racists and/or Uncle Toms. It is time to flip the tables on the false narrative of anything resembling “But Trump is a racist” or “the Republican Southern Strategy” or “fill in the blanks”.


Don't forget to read, compare and contrast the two laws I posted. If you don't, you'll forever be a useful tool to the Progressives. 

“Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail.” – Benito Mussolini (referring to MLK Jr. in a dream he had about the future…hehe)