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What is the Provolution?

ProcivilizationMar 11, 2020, 5:46:29 AM

What Is The Provolution?

The Provolution is indeed a revolution in individual prosperity, but it’s a whole lot more than just that!

From the Encyclopaedia Galactica we learn that ‘Provolution’ is ‘Pro-Active Evolution: the maximization of intelligence and awareness for all’.

The Provolution belies, and represents advancement beyond, any old-fashioned (apparently anticivilization-embedded) revolution. It was and always will be behind any and every world/life changing event that has ever happened or will ever happen on Earth.

Provolution is a movement. Not just ‘A’ movement, but ‘THE’ movement. The historical, present and future movement away from the tyranny, oppression and value destruction of the anticivilization and simultaneously toward fully integrated, honest consciousness and any and all future breakthroughs and possibilities.

Most revolutions of the past have been largely political in nature requiring inconsistencies, illegalities and destructions. But the Provolution is unique. The Provolution, by contrast, is largely ontological in nature with some economic and political aspects. It fosters “Prosiduality”. And, Prosiduality requires individual sovereignty, honesty, and value creation/production/exchange. (See: The Prosiduals' Tri-Space Life Chart)

The Provolution fuels the first (and possibly the last) legitimate class overthrow possible among human beings -- The overthrow, once and for all, of the parasitical-elite class by the honest productive class.

So, we drop the “re” in revolution because this isn’t happening again. We add the “Pro” because we’re for change – from economic annihilation to bonanza; from tax/wage-slavery to synocracy; from anticivilization to PROcivilization!

The Provolution is Freedom in Action,

throughout all history and into any beneficient future.