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Guide to Choosing ID Cards and Badges

PippaBucklandJan 9, 2019, 3:28:53 AM

When you want to make it easy to identify your employees; you should get them ID cards and badges. Though choosing photo id cards may appear to be simple, most people find the process challenging. In most cases, people tend to search on the internet for the types of ID cards and badges to get their employees. It is not a bad idea to rely on the internet; however, it may not be right source since the result of the ideas may be many thereby making it difficult to choose the one you need. Companies that want to print ID cards and badges for their staff need to pay attention to the tips discussed in this post.

First and foremost, you need to know the size of ID cars you need. You need to note that there are different sizes of ID cards. One of the ID card sizes is CR79 ID cards which are known to offer enough room for printing a photo and adding some text. In the event that you want to include detailed custom imagery, bar codes and large photo in the card, the CR79 ID card may not be suitable.

In addition, you can select the CR80 ID cards. The CR80 ID cards are used as ATM cards, drivers' licenses and, credit cards.

The other ID card size you can use is the data collection-sized cards. When compared to the CR80 cards, the data collection-sized cards are larger in size.

The other ID card size you can use for printing your employees' identification cards is the CR100 cards. The cards are known to have enough space for printing large photos and a bar code or magnetic strip; this feature makes the cards to be used in most government agencies something which makes them be known as government-sized credentials.

In addition, it is a good idea for companies to choose whether they want the cards to be laminated or not. By adding lamination to the cars, they will last longer. In addition, laminating will also protect the badges from smudges, dirt, scratches, water damage and many other. When choosing whether to laminate the cards or note, you need to note that not all cards need to be laminated. The best cards to use when you do not want lamination at all is standard PVC and composite cards. The ideal cards to use for light lamination is regular PVC cards. In the event you want to use heavy lamination for maximum longevity of the cards, consider choosing synthetic paper ID cards. It is a good idea to use synthetic paper ID cards when you want to use heavy lamination since such cards are more durable and better able to handle extreme temperatures than normal PVC cards. If you want to get the best professional id cards and badges, you should consider following the guides discussed in this article.

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