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Top 10 Gaming Channels You Need to Follow on Minds

Phillip PlaysJun 16, 2022, 9:03:52 PM

Hola perros! I hope you’re doing well. As our community grows on Twitch and Minds, I would like to introduce you all to some very good friends and entertaining gaming channels that you should check out here on the one and only Minds.com!

Most of the people on this list are good friends from Twitch who have migrated over to Minds after hearing about it from me or another streamer. Let’s give them all some support and grow our amazing community!

10. @Kaibarakato

Kaiba is a very sweet girl. She is a Twitch streamer hailing from Saudi Arabia and is the kind of person who will always make you smile. In her Twitch streaming life, she likes to play Tekken 7, Dark Souls, and occasionally horror games like Little Nightmares. Hang out in her streams and she may even teach you some Arabic!

Being very new to Minds, she needs some friends here and I would love to see her get some more support! (We are currently trying to help her save up enough money for a proper gaming chair and desk. All support helps!)

9. @RadiantDawnNumber1Fan

I don’t know how else to say this, but Radiant is a badass. 

Straight from the heart of Houston, Texas, Radiant is a Christian streamer who plays a variety of games including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Zelda, and Fire Emblem games.

Every day, he posts a bible quote to his channel, so if you are interested in those as well as fun times playing video games, check him out!

8. @Husgrisen

Huss is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is a Swedish streamer with Friedreich ataxia, a genetic disorder which has some pretty dramatic effects on movement, ability to walk, and speech. He loves to stream on Twitch and his favorite games to play are Hearthstone, Pokemon, and Monster Sanctuary. On his off time, he likes to cook, go fishing, and play para-tennis.

Huss actually has 2 accounts now, one is brand new, and the other he created somewhat recently. You can check out his new channel @HussInAHat.

7. @Thompjuh

Thompjuh (or Thom, for short) is a Dutch streamer who also happens to be one of my best online friends. He hasn’t posted in a while but is active on Twitch and Discord.

His streams are absolutely wild and hilarious. Most of the time, he isn’t even playing the game but watching silly YouTube videos or interacting with chat. Occasionally he does something even more out of the blue like a comedic make-up stream.

6. @NathanSifuHD

Nathan Sifu is what I would call an alt-tech let’s player superstar. He does stream on Twitch, Odysee, and YouTube, but his main focus is on releasing let’s play style videos on a large variety of alt-tech sites including BitChute, Odysee, Fruitlabs, and more. I have a lot of respect for this guy for that. 

He is also very funny and can not only provide you with a lot of entertaining content but is active on Minds as well. If you like Nintendo games or Indy games, Nathan is your man!

5. @EuphioniaOfficial

Euphionia is the God of Game Design. Well, that’s what I decided to call him today anyway xD.

Named after his self-titled Metroidvania game, Euphionia is one of the most dedicated game developers that I know of on Minds. He is quite active and having played his video game multiple times, I can say that he is very skilled at what he does. His game has a good backstory, fun mechanics, and he is always telling me on my Twitch streams what he is currently doing to build his game.

As a bonus, follow his wife @twoeliz! She is an artist, not a gaming content creator, but she is the one who made most of my emotes on Twitch as well as other channel art and is a very cool person!

4. @BobbyGinto

Bobby is a legend. He is a streamer most active on Twitch but also recently came over to Minds after a long hiatus of several years when he saw Bill Ottman on the Joe Rogan show. He does a show called Compromised Culinary where he reviews obscure snack foods and does some funny joke reviews as well! Additionally, he also has a great voice and reads stories as audiobooks which he posts on a separate YouTube channel.

I highly recommend Bobby both as a friend and an entertainer. Check him out!

3. @SophmoreJohn

Now we’re getting into the OG streaming group. John isn’t active on Minds like he used to be, but he is a great friend and very intelligent person. He creates content for YouTube and Rumble, as well as Twitch and is very alt-tech oriented (he is even the person who got me into Guilded).

Based in Nevada, John typically plays more modern PS4 and PS5 games like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Ghostbusters, Overwatch, and The Quarry. I am confident that he will eventually return to Minds, so give him a follow and wait for the awesomeness that ensues!

2. @Ventornado

It’s hard to find the words to describe Ven. He’s the first person to ever watch my Twitch streams regularly and I have mad respect for what he is doing. Ven is almost exclusively on alt-tech. He doesn’t have Twitter, doesn’t have Facebook, and instead posts on Minds, Gab, Parler, and Rumble, and has a Guilded server. The only non-alt-tech sites he uses that I know of are Twitch, Discord, and YouTube.

As far as streaming goes, Ven likes to play a lot of Phasmaphobia as well as monster hunter games like Pokémon, Yokai Watch, and Fossil Fighters. He is very entertaining and gives his viewers a lot of cheesy sound effects to play with!

Ven is trying to build a business from streaming which includes podcasting and more. His ambitions go beyond just streaming or even video games. He is on a mission and that’s pretty cool. I can’t recommend Ventornado enough.

1. @Play_Casket

Taking the number one spot on the list is Play Casket. He is sometimes referred to as Paraka the Goblin and he creates podcasts on YouTube and Rumble with his co-host. He is active on both Minds and Gab and is a very supportive guy, fun to talk to, and has a lot of interesting knowledge about video games.

Even though Play Casket is not a “streamer,” he does make a lot of very good content and is an important part of the community here (he does use Twitch as a viewer however).

Honorable Mentions:

@xhannahx – my girlfriend and co-streamer

@PerthTheSpy – a dedicated Twitch viewer and video editor for yours truly

@MrBigTAnderson – A fellow Twitch Streamer

Thank you all for reading and let’s keep building our amazing community!