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Open Letter: Dear Attorney Representing Tulsi Gabbard, this is how Google is "accidentally" deactivating user accounts

perpetualmaniacAug 15, 2019, 6:55:54 AM

Thank you for reaching out to us yesterday. Together, I believe we have a novel opportunity to bring honesty and transparency to a significant threat to our democratic process.

Tulsi Gabbard's email account went down right after the Democratic Debate and I believe I can provide assistance on where to focus your discovery efforts because I saw how other accounts, such as Jordan B. Peterson, was taken down. I'm going to recount how this happened to him so as to assist you in your legal discovery process.

During my tenor, Jordan B. Peterson had his gmail account deactivated and I had the opportunity to inspect the bug report as a full-time employee. What I found was that Google had a technical vulnerability that, when exploited, would take any gmail account down. Certain unknown 3rd party actors are aware of this secret vulnerability and exploit it. This is how it worked: Take a target email address, change exactly one letter in that email address, and then create a new account with that changed email address. Malicious actors repeated this process over and over again until a network of spoof accounts for Jordan B. Peterson existed. Then these spoof accounts started generating spam emails. These email-spam blasts caught the attention of an AI system which fixed the problem by deactivating the spam accounts... and then ALSO the original account belonging to Jordan B. Peterson!

To my knowledge, this bug has never been fixed. When Google says an account was deactivated because of "suspicious" activity, this is how they often do it.

Proof of this exploit can be found by doing the following:

1. Go inside the Google corporate network.
2. Then go to the following url: http://b (yes the url is that short).
3. Search terms: jordan b peterson

Cheers and good luck in your lawsuit!

Zach Vorhies