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How to Grab free ETH & Tokens

PanksoAug 31, 2018, 4:13:16 PM

Here is small guide to start in the Ethereum blockchain world and get some Ethereum (ETH) coins and tokens without investing a cent.

I will try to be short and simple - I am not sponsored - I just want to spread open source and help people getting in without risk. There is many way to start and get free coins, this is just one way (it may not work in a few weeks).

First you will need an Ethereum Wallet, this is like your bank account. It is composed of letters and numbers, it can be shared with others to get payed. To protect your wallet, you will have a 12 words seed - NEVER share it with anyone otherwise your crypto can be stolen.

We are now going to create a Wallet - Write down the seed on a piece of paper - It may be very difficult for a hacker to catch it :-) I suggest to use the BEC wallet since it currently rewards users with some BEC tokens, in 2 weeks I got ~40 BEC (6.5$) : www.bec.com/en

You just have to install the BEC mobile app from the Android or Apple store and then import an existing Wallet or create a new one. Get your rewards each day and after a while you can withdraw them - send them to an exchange - get more ETH :-) I may do a blog post about exchanges. Right now you can exchange/trade BEC tokens on at least one big exchange named Okex : 


If you do so, you can withdraw the ETH to your wallet but you can also just keep and hold your tokens.

But hey, I need ETH to make transfer ? Yes, so let's do daily tasks for a few weeks to get some ETH with a CandyBox! You can get more than 10 kinds of FREE tokens every day, and manage all candy information under one account! Earn your ETH via everyday free lottery! Sign up now, you can get 100 LUCKY Awards with my referral link:


There is an other popular way to get free tokens: Airdrops and Bounties. Even the old BTC was airdroped at the beginning! I post the airdrops I participate myself here on Minds, on my profile @pankso or in the Aidrops and Bounties group - Feel free to join or follow me :-) Here is the group :


Be very careful with #SCAM never ever send ETH to an airdrop, a good airdrop is free - Always! I also suggest you use a specific password for any registration. Good airdrops will verify your identity by KYC or Twittre-Google-facebook-Reddit-Github or Telegram. Here is a few running airdrops with my referral link :

Get ALK tokens for watching videos such as trailers or ads. With the ref link, you get 1000 ALK and I also get some :


Westart is an airdrop hub, you have to create your profile and get verified only once. Then you can participate easily in many trusted airdrops, this is cool and save you time :


Earn PRE token to search the web! Not an airdrop but still a referral program. You tokens to search the web and you can use your favorite search engine with Presearch :


One time more: never give your Mnemonics seed - never send ETH to an airdrop (or giveaway). If your participate to a scam and given your ETH Wallet address it is not dramatic. When you got used to ETH wallets you may want to create one wallet for airdroped tokens and one for ETH. That is what I do and so I also participated in dead/scam project, it just leave my wallet with unusable tokens.

Here is my airdroped tokens so you can see airdrops actually works but also can be wasted time :


So here you go! Let say we never know... BTC was 2$ 10 years ago :-) And playing with airdrops is a fun way to learn about blockchain.