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How to kill MINDS beauty

PanksoSep 13, 2018, 8:47:22 AM

MINDS is a platform with great potentials and I do not want us to kill it! I believe a healthy community with great contents are the only way to create value for everybody in the community instead of crazy reminds and spamming of the news feed. We could create a very healthy community when users do not spam, copy/paste or plagiarize.

Right now this blog post have less value than posting reminds, this is not fear for content creators. So what users are doing ? Reminds/like everything like crazy to have a maximum of tokens. Many accounts are doing only that without adding any value with there thoughts. I think it will kill MINDS beauty in time. MINDS should start encouraging great content IMO.

Unfortunately not only users of quality content arrive at this platform, they also arrive ruthlessly who only want money without any effort. Quality content should be highly rewarded, so that each and every person will work hard to make the posts of great quality and win the race. Also, shit posts promoted by bots should be flagged or removed.

Don't take me wrong, it's great to reminds the post you like, share a link or a video, I doit also. But acting like a human bot just to get rewards, once again, will kill MINDS beauty.

Because yes, I love the platform, I love open source and freedom of speech so I hope the developers will deal with this problem here and now or it would plague the platform for a along time. I can see more and more spam each days, it make me sad :-(

I also hope that the The Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI) will bring improvements to the platform :-)