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Why decentralized infrastructure is spreading like wildfire

Bill OttmanOct 11, 2020, 4:13:05 AM

Don't underestimate how rapidly humanity can migrate to new infrastructure given certain stimulation and market forces. It can also take a maddeningly long time if certain variables aren't in place.  

When the tech resonates and collides with public consciousness crazy shifts can occur with billions of people diverting attention in a matter of days. It's happening as we speak in reaction to the pandemic, pollution, surveillance and on and on. This impacts apps, energy systems, money, communication, etc. Things are decentralizing and getting way more open, sustainable and efficient in:

  1. Energy 
  2. Transportation
  3. Food
  4. Internet
  5. Medicine
  6. Housing
  7. Media
  8. Services
  9. Government
  10. Finance 
  11. Education
  12. Anything else

Obviously harmful advances will go viral as well, but ironically, more efficient systems benefit both nefarious and benevolent actors, so in an odd way a more healthy infrastructure is a goal that unifies us. (Would love to hear arguments against this hypothesis)

I started thinking about this after watching this video of an entirely new way of approaching the wheel which is gaining tractions for EVs: