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Prank caller claiming to be cop convinces obedient fast-food workers to sexually abuse woman

Bill OttmanOct 4, 2018, 3:36:00 PM

While watching the movie "Compliance", you will not think it is real. But It is 100%. It is disturbing but completely lucid and vivid.  You will want to walk out of the room. The world needs to understand the phenomena because it proves how brainwashed and conditioned we are to bow to authority no matter what they are asking us to do or what credentials they have.  

In this case, a prank caller pretends to be a police officer and convinces restaurant management to strip search and sexually abuse a young female fast food worker for hours.  The phenomena is pervasive and has been happening all over the world.  It rings of Milgram's experiments (linked below) but on a whole other level that is much more sad, real and telling of the times.

The actual interview with these people is below (the particular embed has some weird interjections by that youtube account, but ignore it) and the new movie trailer is below. 

The real Donna Summers is shown above, who fell for the prank caller's ploy like many others.

This case doesn't fall under the definition of Stockholm Syndrome perfectly, because that would imply the workers felt compassion for their captor, but it is related.


See this mirror article which describes the case in detail and other examples quite well.

See this related blog of the Milgram obedience to authority experiments.

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