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A Frog Will Die If Put in a Slowly Boiled Pot of Water. That's Humanity

Bill OttmanOct 4, 2018, 3:48:57 PM

There is a parallel.  Sibel Edmonds does a great job of bringing the concept to the public consciousness via Boiling Frogs Post, which covers issues that most people ignore. 

Are we sitting in a pot unaware that the 'heat' is being turned up by some mad scientists observing the world through surveillance apparatus?   Not necessarily in terms of climate change, but in terms of all the toxins being saturated into our environment and disinformation injected into society via corrupt establishment media outlets.  And no, not all establishment media is corrupt.  The difference between humans and frogs is that we are capable of researching and expanding knowledge to understand who is manipulating us. 

This video is intense to watch, but the metaphor is real. We are being soft-killed.