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on site forklift training

osecoJan 15, 2019, 7:52:16 AM

On site Forklift Training at your workplace

Onsite Forklift Training the new laws now require you to have a licenced forklift operator on-site in the workplace as well as 3 bays of double pallet racking at 3 levels high or Simulation and 400 sq mtrs approximately of available training space as well as a fully compliant Counter Balance forklift, if an assessor conducts tests on any non compliant premises or equipment and is caught, they could be fined and banned from assessing for life by WHSQ.

In addition since 1st July 2012 Onsite Forklift Training assessors must lodge details of every assessment they are conducting at least 3 days in advance with WHSQ, and so WHSQ now know where every assessor is working and testing and spot audits are conducted on the quality and compliance of assessors and the site and equipment being used on a monthly frequency.

Requirements for On- Site Forklift Training Delivery

Please ensure that the trainer has access to: A suitable room or office for the classroom element of the training day I.e. Table and chairs, Industrial racking or equivalent substitution such as, stacked containers of standard pallet sizes i.e. liquid pallets (ibc’s) or freighting containers and adequate access provided for training. The forklift truck needs to be compliant with a working horn, reversing beeper and flashing light, seat belts and manufacturer’s data plate. There has to be a forklift licence operator onsite, the trainer will need to sight his forklift licence on the day of training.