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How to Trade MINDS tokens for Etherium on an Exchange. [And WITHDRAW]

origin-AL.com StreetArtAug 21, 2018, 11:39:15 PM

There is a way now to buy/sell MINDS on an exchange and withdraw to Coinbase or another wallet!

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This article on Steemit - How to Trade MINDS tokens for Etherium on an Exchange

How to sell MINDS tokens in exchange for Ether.  

Do you want to sell or trade some of your MINDS tokens?  

MINDS token is now available to trade on  ForkDelta

ForkDelta is open source and the code is on GitHub

It's seamlessly compatible with MetaMask.

Here is the step by step guide:

First transfer your MIND tokens to Token Outlet so you can trade.

Click on 'Deposit' in the Upper left

Select the Deposit section in the upper left of the MGTO window.  Fill in the amount of MINDS you want to transfer and click the 'Deposit' button.

Use default amount of Gas, click 'Confirm'

In MetaMask, keep the default Gas fee and click the 'Confirm' button.

You will get a confirmation/tracking link.

After a while the amount will appear in ForkDelta

Now you have some MINDS tokens on the MGTO platform and you are able to sell.

Step 2: Selling MINDS tokens.

Here is how to put in a Sell order:

Select Sell (right hand) in the order window of  ForkDelta

Fill in the amount you want to sell and the selling price for each token in ETH.  The total will be filled in for you automatically, click the 'Sell' button.

A MetaMask window will open asking you to Sing.

In the MetaMask window click the 'Sign' button.

After a while your Sell order appears in the Order Book

After a short wait, MGTO will refresh itself, and your Sell order will now appear in the Order Book!

How to place a Buy Order to buy MINDS token.

You can by tokens by placing a buy order.  First you will need to transfer some Ether to Minds Gaming Token Outlet.

Transfer ETH to ForkDelta, click 'Deposit'

In the Balance section, upper left, select Deposit and enter the amount of Ether you would like to transfer to MGTO. 

Confirm in MetaMask leave Gas as default

Click 'Deposit' and confirm in MetaMask (leave the default gas fee).

Select Buy in the right side of the New Order window.

After a while your Ether will have transferred and will now show in your Balance window as being in MGTO.

In the New Order window select Buy on the right, then enter the amount of MIND tokens you wish to purchase.  


Put the price, in Ether, for each token (total will fill in for you).

We now have a market in MINDS tokens!

After a while your buy orders will show up in the order book and we now have a market for MINDS token!  

We need more people to participate to make it a deeper, healthier market with more volume.

How to withdraw MINDS tokens or Ether to MetaMask.

Select the 'Withdraw' window in the middle of the 'Balance' section.

Select the amount of MINDS to withdraw to your MetaMask wallet (back to MINDS).

Select how many MINDS tokens or Ether you want to transfer back to your MetaMask Wallet and click the corresponding 'Withdraw' button.

How to withdraw Ether to Coinbase or another wallet.

Select the 'Transfer' section in the right of the Balance window.

Enter the ammount of ETH you want to transfer, and your  Coinbase wallet address.

Select the amount of Ether you wish to withdraw and enter your Coinbase ETH wallet adress (or another wallet) in the Wallet field, click the 'Tranfer' button.

You will be prompter to confirm or change your gas fee in MetaMask, click Confirm.

After a while the funds will show up in Coinbase!

Things to keep in MIND.

This is very new and the volume is low.  We need participants and market makers to build this into a healthy market.  It's important to participate and spread the word.

Some Ether is required for gas fee to transfer into the exchanges (or transfer back into your wallet).  

If you want to fill an existing order immediately - click on an open order (this requires gas as well).  No gas is required to place a sell order but you will have to wait till someone fills it.

You also need to use gas to CANCEL an order so be careful and make sure your order is right.  Also, if you leave it for a while, the orders will expire on their own if not filled. (The default 1000 confirmations is usually about 2 days.)

In some countries it is difficult to buy Ether/Bitcoin, try Paxful, or Local Bitcoins.  If you are not able to buy using those leave a comment I may be able to help.

Thats it!

Head over to ForkDelta and try it out!

If you find other exchanges that allow trading MINDS token please comment bellow and I will add them to this post.  As of now you can trade on EtherDelta and ForkDelta.

Check out another tutorial I made - How to add MINDS token to MetaMask [With screenshots].

This article on Steemit - How to Trade MINDS tokens for Etherium on an Exchange

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