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does "true" hold all TRUTH?

opart07Sep 12, 2020, 8:38:32 PM



because, what if there is more to the story?

what if one acts, yet is without all the facts?



of course this is a simple graphic, but one must realize that even this is likely an incomplete story. what if our ability to "see" only a very narrow spectrum of all that is available to see caused us to be completely unaware of a completely different perspective?



parts of KJV may be called true, but it is far from truth given its roman roots and francis bacon oversight

i am still on the adventure discovering those parts of KJV that are reliable and those parts co-opted by the roman virus, turned into man’s greatest tradition, and rendered vain due to its many deceptions

at birth, each male/female(MF), is given a body that is a miracle of cellular design, cellular-ekklēsia(C-E), capable of self repair and regeneration

psychopaths(PS) have long known the secrets for control over MF and have specifically designed many religions, governments, and monetary systems to allow a small number to dominate the masses

every MF is a C-E under the control of a consciousness that has chosen this “life” but has not yet fully remembered their true power, and most are still asleep to the fact that PS has co-opted power from MF, thus many are not of this world, but still find themselves in this world

both flat-earthers and globers have true ideas, but neither has the whole truth. the globe model that MF has been taught is many thousands of times too small, and the “earth” that flat-earthers observe is only a small part of an overall truth, so both are wrong and both are right allowing PS yet another level of control through division

the C-E granted to each MF has multiple power centers[nerve-plexus](perineum, navel, solar-plexus, heart, thyroid, pineal, pituitary) that most MFs remain ignorant about which results in unrealized potential and lost power that PS is able to co-opt for their own use

once an MF is able to align their power centers and regain overall coherence, they find the truth - health, abundance, wisdom, joy and all the rest come from within because they have begun to remember; truth is written upon their heart, which is an anagram for earth

the biology of the C-E includes a concentration, or plexus, of nerves virtually identical to those nuero-transmitters which make up the brain and provide functionality far beyond simple information transfer

because the average MF is ignorant about these other energy centers, or has been taught to label them as occult, which simply means hidden, they are left at the mercy of their faulty training using only a small percentage of their potential power capacity and playing the role of a battery in the PS matrix




what is true can become a great guide to truth, but only the truth will set MF free

for the MF who is content with what is true yet chooses to allow emotion(anger - frustration - bitterness - vigilance - betrayal - competition - trauma - argument - war - worry - anxiety - sadness - sickness - disease - violence - aggression - anxiety - fear (false evidence appearing real) - guilt - shame - hostility - hatred - powerlessness - depression - hopelessness - unworthiness) to be their excuse to avoid a deeper pursuit of truth, this MF runs the risk of personal tragedy and even madness, which leaves the PS in control and the MF in anguish, even through the MF's be-LIE-fs are true

what the average MF has yet to figure out is that they were trained by the PS to stay in these “lower” emotions(energy in motion) because this is where the PS control is greatest

however, once an MF discovers that there are “higher” emotions(Joy - Inspiration - Awe - Empowerment - Gratitude - Abundance - Freedom - Genius - Compassion - True greatness - Ingenuity - Empowerment - Love (agape) - Awareness - Generosity - Healing - Quantum manifestation - Divinity - truth - purity - honesty - righteousness - virtue - loveliness - good - praise - humility - kindness - meekness - harmony - patience - gentleness - self-control - temperance - knowledge - reverence) they soon find that they held the key to their own freedom all along

soon the MF becomes aware that emotion and frequency are essentially synonymous and no more difficult to operate than a radio




the MF who chooses a higher emotional state soon finds that they are one with their creator and from that higher state become co-creators in a world of their own design because they have discovered the truth that we all “belong” to one another. the “success” for one MF depends on the success of other MFs and the transformation of the PS back into a loving MF depends on the love-forgiveness-mercy of all the rest. you see the PS remains ignorant to the fact that their favorite control method, division, is the very thing that makes it impossible for them to find truth and satisfaction themselves

PS has left many, MANY, true treasures for MF to find all in the hopes that MF will never remember that truth still awaits discovery.

the creator/originator is love, however PS calls him god, God, or GOD(a roman trick) and is left with a vain tradition

love’s way is complete, teléo, however PS has every religion waiting for something that is already inside every MF who needs only to remember the truth that is written upon their heart

love’s ruach(spirit) does fill each MF, who does elect to merge with love’s way, and guide them to truth as they "remember" - become more mindful

life is with support upon gaia(earth) through love, cooperation, and harmony even in the presence of death wrought by division, hatred, & strife; and all as a training ground to help MF "remember"

MF is a consciousness, not the C-E they operate, and once MF does remember this, gratitude for C-E fills MF and overcomes any perceived C-E shortcoming

love’s breath gives MF the ability to motivate C-E toward daily creativity and manifestation - to filter those things that are true while truth does draw them into life to the full

love’s way and ruach upon gaia through MF is with gratitude by life’s-breath for harmony that does pass comprehension . . . .

for the just do come under the original-trust/live-will from priority through trust with merger by pledge for æquity

care is love's call . . . . will you fulfill your duty?