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does one know WHY?

opart07Sep 21, 2019, 6:42:29 AM

Division brings misplaced aggression

Division - - - - are there not far too many of us falling for the "misplaced aggression" control mechanism used by "THEM" for decades? Ask one's self, why are you spending so much time doing this?

All any of this is doing is cementing an already vast divide between us all and as long as we remain divided and distracted "THEY" win. It is all planned.

the only way any of their "controls" work is if they can keep us "believing" and "presuming" because these two go hand in hand.

assume and presume are synonymous and surely one has heard that they should never "assume" lest they make an "ass" out of "u" and "me" (ass-u-me), but what is the danger of belief? well, what is belief if not borrowed info? do you know that all white men are racist? do you know that all black men can't be trusted? do you know that all women are weak? do you know that all government is corrupt? do you know that all religion vain? do you know that all bosses are jerks? . . . . do you know these things, or have you simply been taught to "believe" these things? what evidence is there to support these assertions? does not one need proof if they are to move out from belief and into true knowing?

if one took the time needed to actually know something would they not overcome the training they have received to believe and presume? of course we all have faults and weaknesses, but do we all not also rise up in anger and protest when someone presumes something of us that is not true . . . . believes something of us with not even the slightest evidence to support that belief?!?

have you ever wondered why all the "good jobs" require a resume? is not the purpose for resume to establish “belief” in the one who reads it? can you see the warning hiding in that word belief? no? ok, what if i make it a bit more obvious - - - - be-lie-f - - - - now can you see the lie? one presumes, based on a resume, or college degree, that you or i are somehow trustworthy or believable, yet they know nothing, they only believe, and NO BELIEF IS TRUE. what is true is one’s experience, one’s knowledge, one’s studied effort, because in life, just as in law, deeds prove trust, while belief and faith usually lead to bondage and fanaticism. how wise can it be to give one's trust when all they have is a piece of paper saying they are a "qualified" architect, doctor, engineer, lawyer, politician, teacher, etc.?

to move one out from belief and into knowing requires effort, but does not anything worth having come with effort? if so, then where is the value in our beliefs? our presumptions? . . . . if we made no real effort to investigate them, to support them, to move into a place of knowing, then are they not empty, vain, void? if so, then why do we hold so tightly to them? which also begs the question, how may of the beliefs that we cling to are not even our own, but were given to us by someone or something else?!?

what if knowing is the key to unity . . . . to harmony? why do we let belief and presumption cause us to forget that all men and women, no matter their race, religion, wealth, politics, or education, . . . . all men and women will bleed if they are cut. they all are someone's son or daughter. they all bear the image of greatness. they all long for love and friendship. they all deserve to be protected from human trafficking, from being turned into a sex toy, or a drug, or food for "the super rich".

may we all come to know and see the value that resides in each and every one of us and stop falling for the lie in be-lie-f . . . . . . .

"why?" this is a fundamental question that we all asked in youth, but what would happen if we started asking that simple little question even more now than we did as kids?

why do i believe _ _ _such and so _ _ _?

why do i "want" a new _ _ _what-cha-ma-call-it _ _ _?

why do i have such a hard time with _ _ _ this and that _ _ _?

why is it that my "vote" never seems to really make a difference?

if one does not know why, then how can one really know anything?

if we can answer why, then we can stop war, we can find joy, we can overcome f.e.a.r.(false evidence appearing real), and we can even start to figure out that there were many things we got early in life(more be-lie-fs than truths) that we really have no business holding onto any longer.

may we all learn how to bear one another's burdens so that we may all breathe a collective sigh of relief due to our much lighter load and new found love and friendship.