Maryann Rada


Frequency modulator, author of "Core Matrix Change", "Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity" and other books, webmaster at Nine's Path, transducer of frequency from the League of Light.
A new post, following up on last week's article on temporal markers and things the Pleiadians have said to keep an eye out for. THOUGHTS ON TIME New Bends of Light "As an exercise in itself, looking through time’s corridors is an odd one. It scratches that irritating point just out of reach, like the spot between your shoulderblades, where you can’t quite satisfy a feeling of wanting so badly to know what’s coming, just so you can relax. I am not one to give you such satisfaction in terms of hard and fast dates, though I will scratch your back by providing the same insights I’m afforded by these extratemporal guides of ours. It is healthier, to my mind, and more sane than chasing around a flea." #timetravel #physicsoftime #pleiadian #spiritualblog
Change of Mind | Nine's Word Pleiadian Message Summary: The theme of change takes on added dimension now, and you’re being asked to move. Relax, it’s you who’s asking yourself. Rise, step out of a customary frame of mind or state of affairs, do something to rouse yourself from a dark dreamstate into a new angle of light. It’s your heart and not your head that bears the truth of this moment forward. Celebrate the revelation of like minds recognizing common ground. Ready or not, paradigm shift is activated. It will take some getting used to, but all in all, it’s a change for the better.
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