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Introduction to my life

ObsesijaFeb 18, 2020, 10:50:52 PM

The very beginning of my story:

I was born in Vršac and grew up near the town in the village called Straža. My childhood was very nice, full of adventure and lived at a different pace, unlike today.

Finally the school is started and I started my first class- :), I attended the Romanian language and later went to Serbian. That's how it went, and I enrolled in high school in Vršac. These were the beautiful and unforgettable days of a high school student. I also met my husband, Joe (George). We were together for about a year. After finishing school and graduation, we were married, and we went to Switzerland, as early as 1995.

I left my homeland. But now that I remember those moments, it's not easy to leave everything behind and go. However, the instability of our country has not given some opportunities for a better future for young people. In Switzerland, we lived in a small, but very beautiful and rich tourist place called Zermatt, I will describe it to you in the following blogs, how it is there and what beauty it hides, sensational to see and visit, but not to work. There was not even an ideal place for business, a lot of tourism, hotels, but there was no other possibility for more extensive jobs, or for example, having your own company, etc.

That's why we moved to the beautiful city of Zurich (Zurich), which many think is the capital of Switzerland, but not, the capital is Bern (if you knew this, forget about this last sentence ;-)). There we had much more opportunities for new jobs and new successes, and besides all these obligations, we thought about the family. We loved to travel, to meet new people and their cultures.

Years passed, so it arrived the year 2011. when we got the beautiful son of Edian and our wish came true.

But Switzerland as a state does not allow much time for the family, and even less for leisure time, it all comes down to work, obligations and strides - one word, a quick pace of life, and at the end of the month you get breathed out when you pay all the bills, you ask yourself "where were you and what did you do?" because you earned it but you almost did not have anything left! All in all, you have not devoted yourself to the family and there is no money (except for around 10-15%, which can be put aside here and there, and 80% more goes to everything that has to be paid), so we were not satisfied with such a life. It is standing, a beautiful country, and everything is shining, but it costs it, so we decided in mid-2017. to return to our homeland, where our son will learn the school in our language, and we also have more time for the family, and turn a new page into the future.

All in all, I think it's not all about money and that our life is very important and valuable. Life should be used to the maximum, because we do not know what to expect us tomorrow!

That's why I recommend everyone to live full lungs and enjoy their lives.

This is my life described in some short lines.

For all those who follow me, who have not had the opportunity to experience something similar, join my adventures, in which I will increasingly get into some details in the next editions of my posts.

There will be a lot of stories about all the experiences that we have experienced in other countries that we have visited all these years, as well as much more about Switzerland, because it is worth describing her beauty, and especially if you live there for many years, there is plenty to tell, shows in text and images, videos, etc.

All this will be in my posts.

Regards to all.

Your Maya

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