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What is DataBlockchain?

nozokiumiJun 28, 2018, 8:44:27 AM

Blockchain technology has been revolutionizing the world with its features like transparency and security. Every data and information seem to be on Blockchain because of its perks. Since the launch of Bitcoin, the technology behind its decentralization and security has gain unexpected boom. Ventures around the globe are more intrigued in using Blockchain for better purposes.

Blockchain has minimized data breaches and people have started trusting on this decentralized technology. In this world, where data is highly secured and transparent, ‘DataBlockchain’ has presented a unique solution to every venture, industry and business. DataBlockchain is providing critical information to world by merging Big data, Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology. 

DataBlockchain has made big impact on this crypto-world as everyone needs critical data information for marketing or to know customers better. The pipeline for new token deals is profound and developing every day. A large number of new, existing organizations are grasping blockchain innovation. Numerous are attracted by the security and transparency offered by the general population record, the decentralization of databases and the charm of making another digital currency.

While these new blockchain ventures and the crypto business visionaries behind them differ extraordinarily from each other from numerous points of view, they are for the most part early adopters who have grasped a troublesome innovation before the majority. 

For all intents and purposes all of these new differing blockchain tasks will require basic information to streamline their execution in this new business worldview. As the reconfigured, efficient, and straightforward path for these organizations to get to the information and data they have to succeed, DataBlockChain.io will be interestingly situated to gain by the quickly developing needs of blockchain pioneers.

DataBlockChain will provide selective information regarding different parameters. Companies or individuals looking to gather information about different behavior of customers, can easily get this information through DataBlockChain. DataBlockChain.io will alter the information list industry by eliminating superfluous agents and making a more efficient information sourcing and conveyance process. 

DataBlockChain.io will manufacture a solid User Interface to permit a substance to seek shifting and different wellsprings of information for records that match their pursuit inquiry parameters. The parameters can extend from geographic, statistic, psychographic and conduct characteristics. A solitary question would have the capacity to traverse several sources and billions of records.

In Short, DataBlockChain is the future of data industry. It has smartly merged data considering different parameters. Above all, the Backend Agent (Ethereum/Smart Contracts) will monitor all sources used to give the information to the substance. It will figure and issue payments to all sources included in view of the permitting concurrences with said operators. 

The payments are quick and don't require approval, manual solicitations, or bank/wire exchanges. For finish straightforwardness, an Ethereum-based Blockchain is utilized for all record source administration, invoicing and installments. Smart contracts are used for following record use and the multiplex of permitting and information sources. All transactions are made through the DataBlockChain.io digital money DBCCoin. 

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