Not Clarence Moriwaki


Independent journalist
I have joined Minds in order to spread my court-protected free speech criticism of a public figure that has resulted in an organized mob and death threats against me. My civil criticism of public figure, Clarence Moriwaki, founder of our Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial was posted on a public Facebook page. That led to him having a judge force me and my wife to turn in our firearms, censor me, and exclude me from even a portion of my own private property. This order was ruled unconstitutional by a higher court and I sued the State of Washington represented pro bono by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh in a suit supported by the ACLU of Washington and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We won our suit and the "cyberstalking" law that was used to silence me was knocked down as violating the First Amendment. Still, I am facing regular death threats from Moriwaki supporters. If you are interested in this fascism and my story, please visit for full details. #FreeSpeech #FirstAmendment #Constitution #LetItNotHappenAgain #journalism
Very cool. Thank you Minds!
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